(Based Sulyam comments)

The Pit (Bor in Hebrew - Bet, Vav, Resh) differs from the Well (Beer - Bet, Aleph, Reish)? In the material Yama is depression in the ground where there is no water. A Well - recess in which there is water.

What does this mean spiritually?

Land hints at desire (Eretz - Ratzon). Water - in the world. Pit Water is no state in which the vessel (Nukva) is not connected with ZA (Light Giver) and stripped of light. This occurs as a consequence of uncorrected desires.

A Well this vessel corrected desires filled with Light. The Nukva, coupled with ZA (a Partzuf called Tselem Elo-kim - the image and likeness of God). In such a state vessel is filled with light by means of two lines: the right of the "top" of ZA and the Light of Hassadim (correction) and the Left "bottom" of the souls of the righteous and that light of the objective. The combination of the two lines gives the middle line - the required perfection, worthy to enjoy the Light of the Creator.