Why do women cover their heads?

In the simplest sense, it has become a symbol of female modesty. After covering one of the main attributes of her beauty, she is not attracted to strange men.

But what is the deeper meaning of this establishment?

If this explanation, we will be faced with the following spiritual terms:

1. The woman - a desire to receive, to draw from the Sefirot of Malchut of the World of Infinity;

2. Hair - Se'arot in Hebrew (in the letter Shin). Similarly, Se'arot (but writing through Sameh) word sounds Storm.

3. The head - as part of the body where hair grows. In the language of the Inner Torah head this stage of the calculation.

4. Other foreign "men" who become witnesses of loose women hair. In the language of Kabbalah - this is the Sitra Achra (other side), she Yetzer Ara (evil inclination, egoism).

To summarize, in the language of Kabbalah, the woman dissolves the hair of the head of all the general review - is the unrestrained desire to receive, on which we must impose "Tzimtzum" - constraint "kisuy Rosh" (head covering).

Curiously, this rule applies to both married and betrothed. And what about the girls? The fact that only "beating Rishon" (first intercourse) generates a vessel in respect of which these processes are formed.

Sages said that the woman, their hair in public - bring poverty in their home, and her children (banim ve banot) are insignificant in his generation.

It should be understood as a spiritual position: lack of control over the will to receive, make spiritual world to the poor, and his understanding of the processes (Banim - avanot) null and void.