I'm surgically snoreproof, I have over 200,000 frequent flier miles and I've turned a bedroom into a closet. I'm so intense, I make Jello nervous. My goal in life is to live south of I-10. I need someone to put up with all of this. In all seriousness, my friends would say I am an emotionally deep person, very sensitive, and understanding of others. My women friends call me a 'sweetheart' or 'sweetie.' I am thoughtful, reflective and choose my words carefully. I give others the benefit of the doubt. I have no patience, however, for behavior that is mean, overly critical or otherwise indulgently self-absorbed. I read avidly to keep abreast of political, business and cultural events and trends. I'm a risk taker both professionally and personally. I would risk a lot to find the right relationship.