Gravestone of Rav Uri Sherka at the funeral of his son Shalom Yochai, may God avenge his blood

Rav Uri Sherki 21 hours ago

Our prophets say: “Behold, their strong ones are shouting in the streets, the messengers of peace (shalom) are weeping bitterly” (Isaiah 33:7), ... Shalom, Shalom - and he is not ... "Jeremiah 8:11).

It is not hard for you, Shalom, my dear son, now, as your exalted soul rises right through the heavens to the King of the World. You deserved this not only because you were killed by enemies only for your Jewishness - and such people are unusually exalted, and in order to remember you, the custom is canceled not to mourn the dead in the month of Nisan - but you also showed special selflessness, for you died saving the one who stood near you. The author of the book "Eifa Helmet" (commentary on "Etz Chaim") says that despite the fact that today we do not have a Temple and sacrifices, but those who sacrifice their lives in the name of the Sanctification of the Almighty can correct the world more than it was maybe then.

Your soul was sublime. It is impossible to forget from what considerations you determined your actions. I remember when you were drafted into the army, you were offered to join the founders of the Yeshiva Hesder battalion in the navy - you first said that you did not want to serve there, because when you serve in the navy, sometimes you have to leave the borders of the Land of Israel, and because for this you will not be worthy of prophecy. And such considerations are only among extraordinary people who take into account the benefits for all of Israel. And why did you decide to join the Navy as a result? Since you were told that if there were not enough applicants, they would not be able to open the yeshiva of the navy, and you said to yourself: "My personal benefit should not be taken into account when it comes to the benefit of the people." And this is the real decision of a big man.

You, Shalom, are like your name, and all around you made peace. Everywhere, in any place where you appeared, if there were any conflicts in this place, you brought peace there. And you deserved that at the moment when your soul left the body, all your relatives managed to proclaim with you the Unity of God and the 13 Qualities of Mercy. You were a support, both strong and energetic. You were like Adino Etzni, one of the warriors of David, who is said to have been soft and like a bookworm when he taught Torah, and became hard as wood when he went to war. You were like King David, about whom it is written (Shmuel I, 16:12) “red-haired with beautiful eyes”, i.e. combining courage and feeling. He took care of others before he took care of himself. Shalom, you got along with people, you had a sense of humor, you were archery. A week ago, you practiced archery, which you did yourself. You were like Jonathan the son of Shaul, who also shot a bow to be a valiant warrior. And you were killed exactly at the place where Jonathan son of Shaul was training in archery.

Love for God lived in full force in your heart. And love for God strengthened even more your already great love for nature. You loved Torah with all your heart and soul. Your study was modest, you did not proclaim anything, but you were a sage. You studied in two yeshivas, before the army and after the army. And in choosing a yeshiva, you were also guided by lofty considerations. You did not choose a yeshiva because of its pleasant atmosphere or good living conditions. About the first yeshiva you went to study, you said: “I go to this yeshiva to immerse myself in the study.” About the second you said: "I'm going there to serve the Almighty." You connected all the parts of the Torah. He loved the people of Israel - every person, helped everyone who needed it. He loved the Land of Israel, and knew how to show its beauty to everyone, he knew all its paths very well. You refer to the "people of the World to Come", not to those who are said to have "a lot in the World to Come", but to those who really belong to the World to Come. About whom it is written in the treatise Taanit that those who have a sense of humor are the people of the Coming World. And at the same time, with a smile on your lips, you constantly lived consciously.

And part of your awareness has always been the Catastrophe. I know how important the topic of the Catastrophe was for you, how important the Day of the Catastrophe was for you. Every time you were at a serious meeting, and it was necessary to keep from laughing, you remembered the Holocaust and immediately became serious.

And it is no coincidence that it was on the day of the Catastrophe that you left us. After 2000 years, from the destruction of the Second Temple to the present day, our family wandered the world - we returned to our Country not to be buried here, and not to be killed, but in order to live and grow here. We were waiting for your generation to grow up here, but these hopes were interrupted by a murder committed by vile and base villains who defile the Name of the Most High. And we can only resist this by adding the Holiness of God, in selfless work - both the work of each of us and the work of the government, which will learn how to properly nurture the people of Israel in their Country.

Shalom was 26 years old. "You are sons of the Lord your God." Of the best sons of the people. Your beautiful soul is now adding more and more light to us. “Weep bitterly for the departing, for he will not return and will not see his native land.” (Jeremiah 22:10) . And our sages said - "Weep bitterly" - this is about the one who left childless. We must become his continuation, like sons, to build what he did not have time to do. To build with all our strength a renewed and beautiful life. “Long live I with the enemies of the world. When I say, “I want peace,” they lead to war!” (Psalms 120 6:7). You, Shalom, give our family strength and you will build the world. Go in peace and rise to a future destiny at the end of time.