The largest fruit in the citrus family - pomelo. Also known as - sheddok.

It is similar to a grapefruit rind color smooth and rounded outlines, but much larger and sweeter. About stalk often shaped protrusion, making the shape of a pear.

Under peel - upper, thin layer of skin, is a white, friable subcortical layer which serves as a reliable protection for the rich lobules.

This kind of natural packaging helps transportation and long storage of fruits, without prejudice to their taste.

How and where to grow fruit pomelo

The main areas where it grows fruit pomelo, as well as his country - China. Chinese people since ancient times, and still belong to the citrus giant respectfully like to give his relatives.

How and where to grow fruit pomelo Thailand, Vietnam, Israel, are plantations of evergreen trees, giving a bountiful harvest. pomelo tree height - different, depending on the variety and the region. Citrus record weighs 10 kg. Average weight - of 1 to 3 kg.

Flowering and fruiting trees takes place 1-2 times a year. Ripening fruit lasts about 5 months. Hanging from the branches are numerous, green or gold balls the size of a ball are a striking sight, surprising for tourists, residents of the northern countries.

Calorie pomelo and chemical composition of fruits

The edible part is enclosed in a leathery citrus lobules, consisting of individual fibers-bubbles filled with juice. Delicate taste of pomelo pleasant, devoid of pronounced bitterness.

Light yellow or reddish bubbles slightly crackle and explode on the tongue with sweetness and freshness. For this pleasure will not have to pay for the accumulation of excess weight. Calorie 100 g pomelo is minimal and does not exceed 40 kcal.

Aromatic pulp combines low energy content with the right body elements. Everyone who has SUBSTANCE exchange problems here than useful pomelo fruit. 100 g contain:

• 220-235 mg potassium

• 26 mg of calcium,

• 26 mg of phosphorus,

• up to 1 mg of sodium and iron,

• 40-50 mg of ascorbic acid

• 25-30 mg of beta-carotene,

• a physiologically acceptable amount of vitamins of group B.

Low glycemic index pomelo - 30 units - allows you to safely use it for diabetes. Half the average fetus will be a good snack will cause a feeling of satiety, quench your thirst, suitable for dessert.

Fiber pulp, denser than other citrus juice is well kept, which is valued in the preparation of the lung vitamin salads.

Useful properties and harm the fruit pomelo

Useful properties and harm the fruit pomelo

1.High content of vitamin C is characteristic for all members of the genus Citrus. Most askorbinki in orange. Pomelo is behind by only 10 mg, and can be used for prevention of influenza, to facilitate the flow of SARS. The antioxidant activity of natural vitamin support vessels purity, enhance the blood composition.

2.C perspective nutritionist fruit with such a low calorie ideal for reducing body weight. There are other important properties.

3.Ferment lipase helps proper digestion of protein, activates fat metabolism, protects against early atherosclerosis.

4.Rastitelnaya fiber moves through the intestines, pulling to the exit ballast deposits, slag. Saturation occurs from eating more harmonious and faster.

5. In aid tissue works pectin, which adjusts metabolism, cleanses the digestive tract and protects the mucous membrane of the stomach and from excessive stimulation of ascorbic acid.

6.Allergolog warn that it is necessary to objectively assess the beneficial properties of fruit pomelo and the harm that it can cause with excessive use. Allergic reactions to citrus - a frequent phenomenon. Children need to give them special care, in small portions.

7.Gastroenterolog recommend to avoid eating fruits with colitis patients in the acute stage, ulcer, gastritis with acidity.

Pomelo fruit: the benefits and harms for women

Colon Cleansing naturally is important for beautiful skin. Female beauty is vulnerable to severe food, aggressive influence of hidden fats in foods.

Constipation quickly reflected on the exterior, making the complexion dull. Fruit sheddok help ladies and girls who have similar problems. Include it in the diet can be a regular, if there are no contraindications.

Benefits and harms of pomelo For women only internal but also external use of pomelo will increase the elasticity of the skin. Pure juice to wipe the face of freshness and tone, add it to a mask for oily skin normal.

Dry areas of the face respond better to divorced juice. Peel is used to wipe the nails and cuticles. Fruit acids make the cuticles smooth, and plate - strong.

Harm and benefits of pomelo for women during pregnancy is estimated, depending on the state of the immune and digestive system. In infants, sometimes even a reaction to the smell of citrus, if the expectant mother overly fond of them. Sheddok may be present in the diet of pregnant 2-3 times a week in the amount of 100-150 g

How to clean properly pomelo

The fruit is cleaned of thick rind with a knife. Surface dissected into sectors and peel fragments removed together with the white friable mass. Cutting knife peel spiral possible, but difficult.

Starting at the top, with an effort to divide the peeled half a ball, and then - into slices. Each slice cleanly release from the film, only then eat a juicy pulp.

Pieces obtained dry, they are easily separated into any parts. They can be stored in the refrigerator, in a package or a cap, no more than a couple of days.

How to eat pomelo

Properly clean pomelo, as well as have it - a simple matter. If the slices do not turn out safe and accurate - it does not matter. Small pieces suitable for salad. By the weight of a salad, you can add shrimp, avocado, Chinese cabbage, greens, olive oil.

To learn how to eat pomelo Thai, skilled in cooking, you can find a lot of information, similar to the fiction. In Thai cuisine made to combine slices with coconut, peanuts, seafood, hot pepper, garlic, sugar and even salt.

Gourmet salads are prepared in expensive restaurants, but in its pure form sheddok eaten here permanently, in large quantities. Now the fruit giant has a place on the shelves of stores around the world.

How to choose a ripe fruit pomelo correctly

How to choose a ripe fruit pomelo pravilnoNastoyaschy, ripe fruit difficult to hold in one hand, so it is - heavy. Light copies is not worth taking. The rind should shine, be resilient to the touch, prominaetsya, but not too Burst.

There are tips on how to pick ripe fruit pomelo smell. The event is difficult because most of this product is sold packed in foil. Polyethylene retains the freshness of the product for 1-2 months.

Exotic in appearance, but in favorite pomelo gives the sun to residents of countries with cold climates. Fruits travel thousands of kilometers to make people eat more varied and useful health.