◾Poleznye properties of apples

◾Vrednye properties of apples

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Apples - a fruit that is not only tasty, but also have a great beneficial effect on the human body. Content of mineral nutrients and vitamins large.

The composition of an apple something like this:

◾Na 80-90% apple consists of water;

◾V apples contain sugar by 5-15%;

◾Soderzhanie fiber - about 0.6%;

◾V apples contain vitamins: A, B, B1, B2, B6, P, E;


◾Yabloki rich in trace elements such as calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, manganese, aluminum, fluorine, chromium, zinc, magnesium, boron, sulfur, vanadium, and nickel;

◾Soderzhanie starch to apple - 0.9%;

◾Pektin - 0.27%;

◾Soderzhanie organic acids ranges from 0.3-0.9%


Useful properties of apples

Apples have the nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. The content of vitamins and minerals makes it an indispensable product. So, we list:

◾Snizhenie cholesterol. Apples contain pectin and vegetable fibers. This helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, which is derived by attachment thereto of molecules of insoluble fibers. Accordingly, the risk of vessel occlusion of plaque reduced.

◾Snizhenie risk of developing atherosclerosis. Pectin, which is contained in apples, reinforces the vessel walls, thereby slowing atherosclerotic development.

◾Normalizatsiya digestive process. Substances contained in apples can perfectly cope with constipation. Also, the use of apples helps to cope with diarrhea. Absorption of toxins and poisons in the gut plays an important role in the body, in addition, apples inhibit the fermentation process, the formation of stones. Also apple - good fighter with an upset stomach. Apples prevent nausea and vomiting, as well as increase appetite. The role of apple consumption is great for the digestive system, and all of the above - only a part of their important role in the digestive process.

◾Uluchshenie metabolism. Apples can improve the metabolic processes in the body. They can normalize and restore electrolyte balance. Moreover, apples are able to slow the aging process, rejuvenating the body. Colloquial phrase "Rejuvenating apple" has a right to exist, because the ability to regenerate cells and rejuvenate the body thereby proved scientifically. The flesh of apples is useful for those who underwent surgery. Restored immune system, the body healing occurs in an accelerated mode.

◾Pomosch in avitaminosis. Trace elements and vitamins contained in apples, help to cope with deficiency diseases and anemia. Necessary for anemia extract is made from the juice of sour apples. In general, the cardiovascular system is also being strengthened by means of the substances contained in apples.

◾Yabloki not harm diabetics. Though they and contain a lot of sugar, but it does not adversely affect the diabetic condition. This is because the sugar in apples - mainly fructose and it does not contribute to hyperglycemia.

◾Uluchshenie brain function and the central nervous system. Apples contain phosphorus, beneficial effect on brain function. Apples are also beneficial for the nervous system, for example, if you suffer from insomnia or your baby is crying. And in fact, and in another case, apple juice will help to calm down and fall asleep.

◾Zaschita cancer. Due antioxidant quercetin and vitamin C, free radicals difficult to render harmful effects on the human body. Furthermore, pectin and insoluble vegetable fibers, as already stated, output harmful, including carcinogenic substances from the body. First and foremost, the substance contained in apples oppose the development of colon cancer.

◾Zaschita of toxins. Pectin is capable of outputting metal salts, such as lead and arsenic, simultaneously connecting them. Also, eating apples is to limit the output of uric acid, which is known to have an effect in diseases of the joints. Apples have a diuretic action. Combination of pectin with chlorogenic acid displays the oxalate salt.

◾Dezinfitsiruyuschie properties. Volatile in apples protect from such troubles as dysentery, Staphylococcus aureus, influenza A. The antimicrobial activity of the most active towards the center of the fruit. Apples are able to overcome halitosis, but also prevent the development of caries.

◾Ukreplenie immune system. Apples have a restorative effect on the body. They also possess anti-radiation effect. Apple juice is useful to athletes who are watching their form and power, and those who have little moves. This is especially useful juice for people who are engaged in intellectual work. Also freshly squeezed apple juice is useful to those who suffered a severe disease and attacks, such as a heart attack.

As we can see, the apples can have a positive effect on the body, and their use can reduce the risk of many diseases, from simple colds to the most serious. We can ensure that the body will become stronger and more secure.

Different varieties of apples

Energy and nutritional value of apples

The number of calories contained in 100 grams of apple equals 47 calories, which means that it can be used for various diets.

Protein content - 0.4 g;

Fat - 0.4 g;

Carbohydrates - 9,8 g

Eating fruits such as apples are not reflected in the figure is bad. On the contrary, the apples are recommended to maintain the body in good shape and the fight against excess weight.




One apple comprises vegetable fibers in an amount of: a peel - 3.5 g; peeled - 2.7 g These figures - more than 10% of the daily requirement of the use of plant fibers.

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Hazardous properties of apples

There are also harmful properties. They are much smaller, they are the result of individual intolerance of individuals. Consider what apples are hurt.

◾Opasnost at mono-diet. Those who adhere to a strict mono-diet to include in the diet of almost one apples, may be disappointed in her. In the case of "overdose" apples may happen not to improve digestion, and occurrence colitis, or exacerbation.

◾Pri cardiovascular disease should avoid eating sweet apple varieties.

◾Pri gastritis and ulcers apples contraindicated. And in any form - whether it be juice or puree. They can exacerbate the disease and cause a lot of trouble.

◾Yabloki are often treated with harmful substances for rapid growth and long-term storage, respectively, they begin to lose their useful properties. Try to distinguish the quality of bad apples, and "plastic". The best option - garden apples.

◾Individualnaya intolerance may play a role. Make sure that the apples will not cause any harm to you, talk to your doctor. After all, a person often has any hidden disease, it happens that they are not even guess the doctors. Try also to avoid overeating.

Treat to add apples to your diet seriously. If you do not have any contraindications - eat them just like that, make juice or puree. You can also make fruit salads, but remember one thing: what matters is how you combine food apples. Wrong prescription or combination of them undesirable for this product can cause digestive problems.

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How to choose apples

How to choose apples - this is quite a serious matter, as modern manufacturers are willing to much for the sake of their apples looked fresh and fragrant. To apples had all the useful properties, and their use is a positive effect on your body, follow the rules:

◾Obratite attention to the country in which the apples are grown. It is best to buy those apples that are grown in your country, and even better - in your region. In this case, they are unlikely to bring you harm. Apples are grown in the central part of Russia is more useful than those that grew up in the South. Try not to use imported apples - most likely, they were treated to long-term storage and transportation.

apples ◾Aromat must comply with its rules. If apples are not smell as it should - then it is not worth buying.

◾Kozhura should be without wrinkles, scratches, and darkening of the apples must be strong.

◾Yabloki must be clean. Sometimes they are rubbed in order to preserve the color and presentation. It will be difficult to wash, and do not need - it is better not to risk his body, efficiency of these apples will not be enough. Natural purity always noticeable.

How better to eat apples

Most useful, of course, there are entire apples. You can eat even the bones, but treat this very carefully: they contain nutrients, but an overabundance can negatively affect the body. It is better to confine the pulp, and if quality apple, eat with the skin.

It is also useful and apple juice. But not all manufacturers of juice meet the quality standards. Because the best - drink fruit juice.

You can make fruit salads. The main thing - that all their ingredients are well-combined with each other.

Baked apple - a traditional Russian dessert. However, it is usually very sweet that will not please everyone.

Apple jam and jam - also will be a good dessert.

Charlotte - a favorite apple pie, dessert, which is suitable for tea.

Thus, the apple - this is a very healthy fruit, which has a huge number of useful properties. Eating apples can relieve you from going to the doctor!