king David



David ben Yishai, of the tribe of Judah, the greatest king of Israel, the tribes of the combiner and a brave warrior, smashed all the enemies of the Jewish people. He had the gift of a prophet and a great singer and a talent, is known as the author of the inspired Psalms (Tehillim). He was a pioneer of the kings of the dynasty that is known, that in the future she will make the Messiah, the liberator of the Jews.

Biography of David devoted many chapters of both books of Samuel. They tell about the youth of the hero, his duel with the Philistine giant, the conflict with the then King Shaul. Heavy and dangerous life he lived David, many wandered, was often persecuted. Experienced and disorders in the family, and conspiracies among colleagues, and civil riots.

Anointed prophet Shmuel reign, King David conquered and rebuilt Jerusalem, making it the capital of a large and strong Jewish state. He lived in a palace on Mount Zion and prepared everything for the construction of the Temple in Jerusalem, but did not get permission, because you have shed much human blood. The first temple built by his son by Bat Sheva, the great and wise King Shlomo (Solomon).

King David has managed to become the center of life of its people. A born ruler, he had the ability to attract to their side all who had to deal with. Extraordinary difficulties that he had to overcome, forged his character, opened in the dreamy boy genius political maneuvers.

David lived only seventy years, but those were years of incredible labor and ascetic saint. He reigned forty years, buried in a cave carved into the rock at the foot of the hill, now known as the City of David.

many legends associated with the name of David. On one of them, he was going to die soon after birth, but Adam, the first man agreed to give him seventy years to live the rest of his greatness 930. David is not lost even after death: the day of the last judgment, when it made a great banquet for the tzaddikim all generations, that he will say the kiddush over a glass of wine.

The feat of his life commensurate with the feat of our forefathers. We still say, "David, King of Israel, is alive and well! David Melech Yisrael hai century! "