Shalom, dear rabbi!

I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question.

I recently found out about the existence of Noahides (followers of Judaism for non-Jews, if I understand correctly). It is enough for them to fulfill 7 simple commandments to get into the World to Come, while the list of Jewish duties is much, much wider, more difficult and less logical and understandable, to be honest.

The question naturally arises: after death, an observant Jew will have something better than an observant Noahide, or not? If not, then I'm sure there must be some explanation for the injustice that has been created.

Thank you in advance!



First, let me explain that the “noahids” are not “followers of the Jews.” This is a “term” derived from the concept of “bnei Noah” (sons of Noah; in Russian translations - Noah), which means non-Jews who have embarked on the right path. That is, in fact, any person can enter this category, regardless of his race and nationality.

It is about the fact that the Almighty gave the Seven Commandments to all mankind, which determine what the correct life path of a non-Jew should be. Now - to your question.

The world to come, as far as we can judge on the basis of the very, very limited knowledge about it that is revealed to us in the Torah, is divided into a number of “sections”. Quite conditionally (by no means literally), it can be represented as a kind of “building”, which has several “floors”, and different “apartments” are located on different floors.

The souls of the non-Jews who have lived according to the principles outlined in the above answer will have their own "houses" in the World to Come. The souls of the Jews are prepared for other, different "apartments", on different "floors".

And there is not the slightest sense in comparing where “conditions” are better and where they are worse. You just need to realize that the Creator of the world, the Almighty, is absolutely just. Fair - by definition. For all existing principles of justice are His principles.

In a sense, simplified and, of course, also conditionally, the “building” where the souls of people go after death can be called Gan Eden. In Russian, this expression is usually translated as - "Garden of Eden". However, in the essential translation in the context of our worldview, it means “the ability to feel the Presence of the Creator.”

If a person during his life in our earthly world “broken a lot of wood”, did not repent of bad deeds, did not correct anything, did not strive for true goodness, the position of his soul in the World to Come will be completely different ...

Lyricist Eliyahu Essas