Once Arizal saw from heaven verdict: Safed waiting devastating locust invasion as a punishment for having allowed the great sage p. Jacob languish in poverty. Rabbi Yitzchak Rabbi Yaakov took food and money collected by students Arizal.

And he said unto him, p. Isaac: "I beg you, Rabbi, pray to the Holy One, blessed be He, that he took the trouble of residents. Because of the fact that did not help you in need, expecting Safed terrible invasion of locusts, which can leave the whole city without food. And try not to continue to murmur against God. " Righteous immediately undertook to take all the trials with love and began to pray with tears, beseeching the Almighty to forgive his sin and to spare the city.

Thereafter, p. Isaac returned to the yeshiva and told everything that had happened. Arizal said: "Know that the credit for the good things that we did was a terrible sentence canceled, thank God!" And all participants have returned to their studies.

On the same day, after a short time, the residents of Safed saw a huge cloud of locusts, to rise above the boundaries of the city. Locust was so much that she had covered the entire sky, and the city was dark. Arizal disciples were frightened, but the teacher told them: "Do not be afraid! Heaven have pity on us, just the locusts do not yet know what the verdict is canceled. " Indeed, strong wind arose and soon took the entire cloud of locusts in the Mediterranean Sea. None of these insects will not fall to the ground within Safed! Since then, the residents of Safed with great care attitude to the needs of the poor, and especially - p. Jacob, whose insult almost led to the city of trouble.

In the book, "A branch of a family tree"