"As a simple Jew, Cohen became"

One rich man was a field, each year brings a rich harvest - a thousand measures of wheat. The owner of every year regularly separated from the harvest tithes - exactly 100 steps. When he was old and felt death approaching, he called his son and told him: "My son, the field that I'm leaving, brings every year a thousand measures of grain. I ask you - is separated from the harvest of this tithe, as I did. "

His father died and his son became the owner of the field. In the first year he separated a hundred measures, like his father. But when he saw the number of detachable wheat, he found it too much and decided that next year will not be separated so much. From the next harvest the new owner has separated only 90 measures. And - oh, miracle! - a year later it disfigures all 900 steps. The owner saw this and decided ... that he did the right thing, reducing the size of donations, - obviously, the field dwindled and now can not give as much as before. Next tithe was only 80 instead of 90 measures of grain, and - what a strange coincidence! - freak 800 measures in the next year!

So, gradually reducing the tithe, a few years later, the owner collected a total of 100 field of wheat. Become sad, he sat at home and wondered how he could improve the productivity of their fields, when he saw his relatives coming to visit him in festive robes. "Did you come to make fun of my grief?" - he asked. "This trouble you at himself brought!" - they answered. - "At first you were the owner of the crop, and separated from him tithes Kohanim and Levites. And now the Lord himself give you a tenth of your same field! So, you yourself became Cohen, and we have come to congratulate you ... "

In the book, "A branch of a family tree"