Why, when the sneeze, I wish you health? What does this Jewish wisdom?

The Midrash says that until our forefather Jacob was not old age: in a "beautiful" day a man sneezed, and thus come out of his soul. It was undoubtedly difficult for people because they do not know about the impending end. Then Jacob asked the age of the Creator. The holy books say that, because in the past led to the death of sneezing, sneezing by anyone should necessarily wish health (more on this, we'll write in detail).

The code of laws of Shulchan Aruch (Yore Deah 246, 17) it is said that if a man sneezed in the room Beit Midrash, forbidden to wish him good health, for the sanctity of the Beit Midrash is great, and it is allowed to speak only words of Torah.