psalm 44

(1) Head. (Ps) Korach sons. Masks. (2) Gd! With our ears we have heard, our fathers have told us of the act (that) you did in their days, in days of old. (3) You Your hand drove out the nations - and planted them, crushed the nations and scattered them. (4) For not by their own sword they have acquired the country and not muscle them helped them, but Your muscle and the light of thy countenance, because thou to them. (5) (After) Thou - my King, (6) Gd! Commanded Yaakovu salvation! On Thee our enemies izbodaem with thy name have risen to trample us, (7) For it is not to rely to his bow, and my sword shall not save me, (8) because you saved us from our enemies and those who hate us confounded. (9) Gd praised us all day, and glorify your name forever. Sal! (10) But you left us and put us to shame, and do not go forth with our armies; (11) Thou hast turned us back before the enemy, and those who hate us plunder us; (12) You have given us like sheep to be eaten and have scattered us among the nations; (13) Sold You are his people for a pittance and not (demanded) a large price for it; (14) You gave us the shame of our neighbors, a scorn and a derision - those around us; (15) Thou hast made us a byword among the nations, tribes shake his head. (16) All the day my shame before me, and shame has covered my face (17) of the voice ponositelya and the offender, because of the enemy and the avenger views. (18) All this is come upon us, but we have not forgotten thee, and to thy covenant changed. (19) is not turned back our hearts, and (not) turned aside our steps from thy way; (20) Although you crushed us in a place (home to) the jackals, and covered us with the shadow of death. (21) If we have forgotten the name of our God, or stretched out our hands to another's deity, (22) Would not it has discovered Gd, for He knows the secrets of the heart? (23) Indeed, because of you we are killed all the day long (always) consider us sheep (to) slaughter. (24) Awake, why sleep you, L-rd? Wake up, do not leave forever! (25) Why do you hide His face, and forgettest our poverty and our oppression? (26) For the humbled to the dust of our soul, clung to the ground, our womb. (27) Arise for our help, and help us for thy mercy!

psalm 45

(1) Head: at Shoshani. (Ps) Korach sons. Masks. Love Song. (2) My heart feels good word. I say: my creations - the king. My tongue - the pen of a ready writer. (3) Thou art beautiful of the children of men, to join the beauty in your mouth, so bless you HaShem forever. (4) Gird your sword thigh, brave, her beauty and its splendor! (5) And (for) your grandeur - prosperous, majesty ride prosperously (chariot) of truth and the gentle truth and will show you the worst (wonders) of your right hand. (6) Your arrows are sharp - peoples fall under you - (dabbed) in the heart of the king's enemies. (7) Thy throne, (this) Gd - forever; a scepter of justice - the scepter of thy kingdom. (8) Do you love justice and hate wickedness, therefore, anointed you, Gd, Gd is your oil of gladness, and of thy brethren (you chose). (9) More (myrrh) and AOLA (aloe), cinnamon - all your clothes. Lira cheer you up out of the ivory palaces. (10) The daughters of the king's among (those) dear to you, the queen stands at thy right hand in gold of Ophir. (11) Hear, O daughter, and consider, and incline thine ear, and forget thy people and thy father's house. (12) And the king will desire your beauty; he is your lord, so bow down to him. (13) And Zorah daughter with the gift (s) rich among the people will entreat your face (ask your mercies). (14) All the glory of the royal daughter - inside a golden cage (embroidered) her clothes. (15) In embroidered garments fail her to the king, for her - the girls, her friends, to you lead them. (16) will lead them with joy and gladness, they shall come into the king's palace. (17) Instead of thy fathers are thy sons, do you them princes throughout the country. (18) Commemorative make thy name in all generations, so you will praise the nations forever.

psalm 46

(1) Head. (Ps) Korach sons. On alamot. Song. (2) Gd our refuge and strength, help in distress, finds very (easy), (3) Therefore, we are not afraid when the earth varies and when the mountains totter into the heart of the seas. (4) Noise, foamed water it will shake the mountain of His majesty. Sal! (5) is a river whose streams make glad the city of Gd, the holiest of the abodes of God. (6) G-d in the midst thereof, he did not falter, he will help Gd in the early morning. (7) buzzing peoples reeled kingdom, He will give his voice - the earth melts. (8) The L-rd of hosts with us, our fortress - Gd Yaakova. Sal! (9) Go, sees the deeds of the Lord, who made havoc in the land. (10) It Stops War to the end of the earth - the bow is broken, and will cut the spear, chariots burn with fire. (11) Be still, and know that I am - Gd, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted on, the ground. (12) the Lord of hosts with us, our fortress - Gd Yaakova. Sal!

psalm 47

(1) Head. Psalm of the sons of Korah. (2) All peoples may, applauding, shout, Gd voice of rejoicing, (3) For the L-rd Gd is terrible, a great king (He) over all the earth. (4) He has subdued the peoples under us, and nations - under our feet. (5) He chose our inheritance for us, the pride of Yaakova which he loved. Sal! (6) Gd ascended to the sound tube, Gd - at shofar. (7) Sing to Gd, sing, sing to our King, sing, (8) For the king of all the earth, Gd, sing mask! (9) reigneth Gd over nations, Gd is seated on his holy throne. (10) Noble (of) the people are gathered together (as) the people of Gd of Abraham, for Gd - shields of the earth, he is very exalted.

psalm 48

(1) Song. Psalm of the sons of Korah. (2) Great is the L-rd and highly glorified in the city of our God, (to) his holy mountain. (3) beautiful height, the joy of all the earth, Mount Tsiyon, on the edge of the north (side) - the city of the great King. (4) Gd found in the palaces of his stronghold, (5) For behold the kings assembled, have traveled together (to war). (6) (How) they saw - so numb, frightened, hastily (fled). (7) Trembling gripped them, tremors - as a woman in labor. (8) wind east broken the ships of Tarshish you. (9) What we have heard that (and) to see the city of the Lord of hosts, in the city of our God. Gd will establish it for ever and ever. Sal! (10) we have speculated, Gd, thy mercy midst of thy temple. (11) According to thy name, Gd, and thy glory, - on the edges of the earth! Your right hand is full of justice. (12) fun to be Mount Tsiyon, daughter Judah will rejoice because of your judgments (of the enemy). (13) is surrounded by Tsiyon and go around it, count her towers. (14) Take your heart to the fortifications it is made of high palaces it to (can) you tell the coming generation, (15) What is Gd, our Gd forever, He will guide us forever.