psalm 49

(1) Head. Psalm of the sons of Korah. (2) Hear this, all ye nations: give ear, the inhabitants of the universe - (3) and commoners and nobles, together - rich and poor. (4) My mouth shall speak wisdom, and the thoughts of my heart - reasonable. (5) Give ear to my parable to Kinnaur start their puzzle. (6) What should I fear in the days of the disaster? Stop the wickedness of my (small sins) surrounds me. (7) to rely on the state and its great wealth of his boast! (8) A person will not redeem his brother, not (can) he give Gd a ransom for himself. (9) And the roads ransom for their souls, and will not be (such) forever, (10) (To) he lived forever (to) not see corruption. (11) For the see (everyone): the wise die, the fool and the brutish together disappear and leave their wealth to others. (12) (think) about myself: their houses are forever, their dwellings - from generation to generation, called the names of their land. (13) But the man in the glory not (long) abide, he is like the animals died. (14) This their way - their stupidity, and following them with his lips to approve them. Sal! (15) Like sheep, they are doomed to destruction, death will lead them, and the righteous will rule them in the morning, and force them rot in hell; They have no (more) abode. (16) But Gd will redeem my soul from the hand of the grave, for He shall receive me. Sal! (17) Do not be afraid when one is made rich, when the wealth is multiplied his house, (18) For the dying, he will not take anything, did not come for him his wealth, (19) Though he boasted in his lifetime; and we praise you, because you're trying to please myself. (20) It will come (the soul) to the generation of his fathers (who) shall never see light. (21) A person (staying) in splendor and foolish, like a dying animal.

psalm 50

(1) Ps Asaph. Gd, Gd, Gd spoke and called the earth from sunrise to sunset it. (2) From Tsiyona, perfection of beauty, was Gd. (3) Comes our Gd and will not be silent, a fire devours (nations) before him, and around him furiously. (4) he calls upon the heavens above and the earth - to court over his people. (5) Gather Me My pious, made a covenant with me over sacrifice. (6) And the heavens proclaimed his fairness, for Gd - He is the judge. Sal! (7) Hear, O my people, and I will speak, Yisraeyl, and I will warn you. Gd, Gd of your Self! (8) Not for your sacrifices shall reprove thee, and thy burnt offerings are always before me. (9) Do not take a bull from your house, goats - from your pens (10) For My all beasts of the forest, the cattle upon a thousand hills. (11) I know all the birds of the mountain, and the beasts of the field - with me. (12) If I was hungry - I would not tell thee: for the world is mine, and (all) napolnyayusche it. (13) Do I eat the meat of bulls and goats drink blood? (14) Gd bring the victim (and do) recognition and fulfill their vows before God. (15) And call upon me in the day of trouble - I will deliver thee, and thou shalt honor Me. (16) And to the wicked God said: why do you preach my laws, and wearing my covenant on your lips? (17) You hate instruction (My) and cast my words behind you. (18) If you saw a thief - he knew him, and thy portion with adulterers (you are at the same time). (19) Mouth gave you his will to evil, and thy tongue frameth deceit. (20) sit on slander his brother's son are creating your mother's shame. (21) You have done it - but I was silent; you thought (that) I'm the same as you, I will reprove thee, and set (your sins) between your eyes. (22) Understand this, you who forget Gd, and the tear will, and none can deliver. (23) that sacrificeth (and do) the recognition will honor me, and reason (and correct) way to show - the salvation of Gd.

psalm 51

(1) Head. Psalm David, - (2) When it came to Nathan, prophet after (he) entered to Sheve Bat. (3) Have mercy on me, God, according to thy mercy, and for thy great mercy erase my sins. (4) Wash with me at my sin and wrongdoing from my cleanse me (5) For the crime I know my offense and my always before me. (6) in front of you One, have I sinned and evil in the sight of thine created; (I'm sorry), because you're right in your word, be clear when thou art judged. (7) Indeed, in iniquity I was born, and in sin my mother conceived me. (8) After all wish you the truth in the kidneys (hidden) and hidden wisdom told me. (9) eyzovom Cleanse me - and I will clean, I wash me - and I will be whiter than snow. (10) Let me hear joy and gladness, and rejoice in the bone (that) you have broken. (11) Hide thy face from my sins, and erase all my transgressions. (12) a clean heart create to me, Gd, and spirit renew within me hard. (13) Do not abhor me from Yourself and Your Holy Spirit take not from me. (14) Restore to me the joy of Thy salvation, and the noble spirit support me. (15) I will teach criminal thy ways, and sinners will turn to you. (16) Deliver me from blood, Gd, Gd is my salvation; will sing my tongue Thy justice. (17) L-rd, open my mouth, and my tongue proclaim the praise thee, (18) Because you do not want to sacrifice; I brought (to it) - a burnt offering you do not want. (19) Victims of Gd - a broken spirit; heart broken and dejected, Gd, you will not despise. (20) Do good Tsiyonu of thy favor, otstroy walls of Jerusalem. (21) Then you want to sacrifice justice, burnt offerings, and (the victim) whole, then lay on the altar of your bulls.

psalm 52

(1) Head. Masks. (2) (Psalm) of David, when he came Doeyg, edomityanin, and Shaul said, telling him: "David has come to the house Ahimeleha". (3) What boasts villainy, brave? Grace of Gd all day! (4) The misfortunes plotting your tongue - as razor sharp (he) - creates a deception. (5) Do you love evil more than good (utter) lie - more than just talk. Sal! (6) Do you love all kinds of words slander the language of lies. (7) And Gd will destroy you forever, raked, and you will drive you out of the tent, and uproot you from the land of the living. Sal! (8) And the righteous will see and fear the will, and laugh at him. (9) This is my husband, (who) did not Gd his stronghold, and relies on its great riches, and strengthened their wickedness. (10) And I, as a green olive in the house of Gd's, rely on Gd's mercy for ever and ever (always). (11) Thank You'll forever for what you did, and hope for thy name, for it is good (it) to thy godly.

psalm 53

(1) Head: on Mahalath. Masks David. (2) Said villain in his heart, "There is no Gd!" they ruined, desecrated lawlessness. None that doeth good. (3) Gd from the heavens looked on the sons of men to see if there is a reasonable person looking for Gd. (4) all retreated, all dirty. No doers of good. There is not one. (5) It should have been aware commit iniquity, who eat up my people, (as) they eat bread! Gd, they did not call. (6) There will be covered by fear, (where) there is no fear, because Gd will scatter the bones overlaid you ashamed of you - because Gd has despised them. (7) Given it would be the salvation of Tsiyona Yisraeylyu! When Gd will return the captive of his people, Yaakov rejoice, rejoice Yisraeyl!

psalm 54

(1) Head: at neginot. Masks David, (2) When the Ziphites came and said to Shaul: "After all, David is hiding among us." (3) Gd, thy name save me, and thy power to stand up for me. (4) Gd, hear my prayer, give ear to the words of my mouth, (5) For strangers are risen up against me, and cruel searched my soul, had no Gd before him. Sal! (6) Here Gd help me Gd supports my soul, (7) He drew evil upon my enemies. Thy faithfulness destroy them! (8) voluntarily offered a sacrifice to Thee, I will praise thy name, O HaShem, because (it is) good, (9) For each of the woes He saved me and (loss) saw my enemies my eye.