psalm 60

(1) Head. On Shushan eydut. Tho David, for teaching, - (2) When it is fought with Aram Naaraim and Aram Tsovoy and returned Yoav and struck twelve thousand (of) Edom in Gay Melachim. (3) Gd, You left us, you crushed us, angry with you, restore us! (4) You're shaking the ground, you split the her, heal her faults, because it fluctuates. (5) You showed thy people hard, made us drink wine poisonous. (6) Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that were raised (it), because of the truth. Sal! (7) In order to be spared were loved by you, save thy right hand and answer me! (8) Gd spoke in His holiness - I will rejoice, I will divide the valley of Succoth Shehem and measured. (9) My Gilad, and my Menashshe and Efrayim - chapter of my fortress, Yehuda - my zakonadatel! (10) Moab - pot wash my shoe on Edom throw your (11) Peleshet, Sing for me! Who will lead me into the fortified city? Who will lead me to Edom? (12) Would you leave us, Gd, and do not go out, Gd, with our armies? (13) Give us help against the enemy, for vanity - human assistance. (14) With Gd efforts we and he will trample on our enemies.

psalm 61

(1) Head: at neginot. (Ps) David. (2) Hear, O God, my cry, give ear to my prayer! (3) From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, in the heart of my weakness will lead me to the rock that is higher for me. (4) For Thou hast been a refuge for me, a fortified tower before the enemy. (5) I'll live forever in thy tent, ukroyus under the shadow of thy wings. Sal! (6) For You, Gd, have heard my vows, you gave inheritance to them that fear thy name. (7) Add days to the days of the king during his (extended) as many generations. (8) (May) he may abide forever before God, mercy and truth be appointed, (to) guarded it. (9) So I will sing of thy name for ever, performing my vows every day.

psalm 62

(1) Head Yedutunu. A Psalm of David. (2) Only Gd silence (waiting) my soul, from him - my salvation. (3) He alone - my strength and my salvation, my stronghold of not poshatnus much. (4) How long will attack a man? Killed will all of you - like a wall inclined, (as) tipped fence. (5) But the overthrown him with his height, they advised they want to lie. They bless with their mouth, and inside - a curse. Sal! (6) Only Gd silence (wait), my soul, for my hope is in Him. (7) He alone - my strength and my salvation, my stronghold of. (8) Do not poshatnus! In Gd is my salvation and my glory, my strength, my refuge - in Gd. (9) Trust in him at all times. People, pour out your heart before Him, Gd - our shelter. Sal! (10) Only the fuss - the sons of men, a lie - the sons of the human, (if) to lift weights (them) - nothing all together. Do not rely on the robbery and the stolen do not fuss. (11) When increasing the wealth, do not use the heart (to it). (12) once said Gd - twice I have heard that the force - Gd. (13) And You, L-rd, mercy, for You give every man according to his deeds.

psalm 63

(1) A Psalm of David, - when he was in the desert Yeudeyskoy. Gd, my Gd You, (2) looking for you, my soul thirsts for you, seeks to thee my flesh in the wilderness, and weary, anhydrous. (3) So I beheld thee in the sanctuary, To see thy power and thy glory, (4) Because thy lovingkindness is better than life. Praise be You my mouth. (5) So I will bless you with my life, in your name lift up my hands. (6) As with fat and saturated fat of my soul (sic) joyful mouth glorify Thee my mouth. (7) When I remember thee upon the bed (waking up) at any time of the night, thinking of you, (8) because you were to help me, and in the shadow of your wings I will sing. (9) attached to you, my soul, thy right hand upholds me. (10) And they are looking for my soul, to destroy (it), they will go in the depths of the earth. (11) will be spilled (blood) them with the sword, they will become the lot of foxes. (12) And the king shall rejoice in Gd, will boast one who swears by them, for they will be obstructed lips utter falsehood.

psalm 64

(1) Head. A Psalm of David. (2) Hear, O God, my voice, when I say; horror (before): keep the enemy of my life. (3) Cover me from the council of evil, from the noise of those who do iniquity, (4) Those that whet the sword, their tongue strained their arrow - a word evil (5) To shoot in secret at the blameless; suddenly they shoot at him and do not fear; (6) asserts itself in an evil intention, counsel, (to) hide the network, they say, Who shall see them? (7) Looking for blame, make an investigation of the investigation - and in person, and in my heart, deep! (8) But they struck Gd boom, suddenly they are wounded. (9) and cause them to trip over his own tongue, shake their (head) all who see them. (10) And be afraid of all the people, and usher in an act of Gd and understand his works. (11) And the righteous will rejoice in the L-rd, and in Him na'ydet seekers and glorified all straight forward.

psalm 65

(1) Head. A Psalm of David. Song. (2) The silence - praise you, God, on Tsiyone and executed will vow (this) to you. (3) Do you hear prayer, to You all flesh will come. (4) The words of the wicked are stronger than me, you forgive our transgressions. (5) Happy is chosen by you and close to you, he will dwell in thy courts, satisfied with the goodness of your house, the holiness of thy temple. (6) Terrible (wonderful) the validity of (His) You answer us, Gd of our salvation, the support of all the ends of the earth and the seas distant; (7) He states the power of His mountain, girded with power, (8) the soothing sound of the sea, the roar of the waves and the sound of their peoples. (9) And feared inhabitants margins thy tokens; In the morning and evening we praise You. (10) Do you remember the earth and its poish greatly enrichest her flow of Gd is full of water, Thou preparest bread for them, for so thou hast it. (11) it irrigates the furrows, lower (rain) on its lumps, raindrops soft with it growing on her blessed them. (12) You were crowned the year with His blessing, and thy ways exude fat (13) Exude (fat) desert pasture, and gird themselves with joy hills. (14) Dressed grazing flocks, and the valley bundled up bread: rejoice and sing.