psalm 66

(1) Head. Song. Psalm. Joyfully exclaims Gd, all the earth. (2) Sing the glory of His name, pay homage to His glory. (3) Say Gd: How terrible are thy works! Because of the strength to thy great curry favor before thee thine enemies. (4) All the earth worship thee, and sing to thee, thy name will sing, Sal! (5) Come and behold the acts of Gd, scary thing (it) to the sons of men. (6) He Turned the sea into dry land - the river went down, there we rejoiced in Him. (7) It dominates in the power of His forever, His eyes look upon the nations; rebels, lest they be exalted! Sal! (8) Bless the nations, our Gd and allow to hear the voice of His glory! (9) It has kept alive our soul and not let our foot to stumble. (10) For you to test us, Gd, cleansed us how to clean silver, (11) You have brought us into a trap, have afflicted upon our loins (12) You put a man on our head, we went through fire and water and thou hast brought us to abundance. (13) I will come into thy house with burnt offerings: I will pay thee my vows, (14) Which my lips uttered and my mouth said, in my affliction. (15) fat burnt offerings unto thee with incense rams, bring (sacrificed) bulls with goats. Sal! (16) Come, hear and I will tell (you), all ye that fear of Gd, that he did for my soul. (17) To Him with their mouth, I cried, and praise He is my tongue. (18) If the injustice I have seen in his heart, would not hear (me) Gd. (19) But he heard Gd listened to the voice of my prayer. (20) Blessed be Gd who has not rejected my prayer (not averted) his mercy from me.

psalm 67

(1) Head: at neginot. Psalm. Song. (2) Let us be gracious Gd bless us, we will reveal his bright face - Sal! - (3) To know thy way on the earth, among all nations - thy salvation. (4) praise thee nations, Gd, praise thee all the nations. (5) Rejoice and exult will the peoples, for you judge the peoples justly and the people on the ground who teaches. Sal! (6) praise thee nations, Gd, praise thee all the nations. (7) The earth has given its harvest; bless us with Gd, our Gd. (8) We bless Gd, and will stand in awe before him all ends of the earth.

psalm 68

(1) Head. A Psalm of David. Song. (2) will rise Gd enemies dissipate it, and run away from Him His hating. (3) As smoke is fading away, so you razveesh (them); as wax melts before the fire, so lost sinners before God. (4) A righteous glad will sing before Gd and prevail in joy. (5) Sing to Gd, chant His name, extol sitteth in the heavens, the one whose name - Gd and rejoice before him. (6) The father of orphans and judge of widows - Gd in His holy habitation. (7) Gd to dwell alone in the house, takes prisoners in chains and rebel remain in the wilderness. (8) God, when you went out before your people, when you marched desert - Sal! - (9) The earth shook and the sky oozed before God, this Sinai - before God, Gd Yisraeylya. (10) Rain grace shed Thou Gd; Your inheritance when it was weary, strengthen you. (11) Your congregation lived there, you have prepared (good) to the poor in his goodness, Gd! (12) Gd utters the word - the great herald of the army! (13) The kings of armies run away, run away, and sitting at home divides the prey. (14) (Even) if you will lie between the hearth stones, dove wings covered with silver and feathers - green-yellow gold. (15) When the Almighty shall scatter kings on it (on the ground of this), it zabeleet like snow in the Tsalmone. (16) Mount Gd, (as) the mountain of Bashan, hilly mountain, Mount Bashan! (17) Why did you jump (envy), hilly mountains? Mount the coveted Gd to dwell (on it), and will forever dwell (there) Gd. (18) Chariots of Gd - the tens of thousands, thousands and thousands, Gd - among them, (both) in Sinai, in the sanctuary. (19) You (Moshe) rose to a height, taken prisoner (the Torah), received gifts for men, and even (among) the apostates will dwell in the L-rd Gd. (20) Blessed is Gd! Every day he brought us loads (goods), Gd - our salvation, Sal! (21) Gd we - Gd for salvation, and the L-rd Gd exits from death. (22) But Gd will break the heads of his enemies, the hairy scalp of walking in your sins. (23) The Lord said: bring back from Bashan, I will turn the depths of the sea, (24) To blushed thy foot from the blood (the enemies), the tongue of thy dogs - among the enemy (get it) its share. (25) they saw the procession thy Gd, Gd procession, my King in holiness. (26) Ahead - singers, after them - musicians, among young women - strikes the cymbals. (27) The meetings bless Gd, Gd, (you are) derived from Yisraeylya! (28) There is Binyamin, the youngest, ruling over them, the princes of Judah, dressed smartly, Zebulun princes, the princes of Naphtali. (29) is designed Gd your power to you. This power you, Gd, created for us. (30) Because of thy temple, (which is) above of Jerusalem, kings bring you gifts. (31) Prikrikni for animals (in) reeds, the crowd bull calves with powerful peoples satisfies silver bullion. It scatters the nations that seek to fight. (32) will come princes from Egypt, Kush run (with gifts) in their hands to God. (33) the Kingdom of the earth, sing praise to Gd, sing Gd - Sal! - (34) sits in the heavens, in the skies of ancient. After all, you will hear His voice, the voice of the strong! (35) Give power to Gd: Yisraeylem of his greatness and power of Him in heaven. (36) feared Gd in sanctuaries His, Gd Yisraeylya. He will give strength and power to the people (elected). Blessed is Gd!