psalm 72

(1) About Solomon. Gd! Your laws give the king thy justice, and - the king's son, (2) (so) he judged your people in righteousness, and thy poor - according to the law (fair). (3) mountains and hills bring peace to the people - for justice. (4) Yes, it is judged (rightly) of the poor of the people, help the poor sons and suppresses the robber. (5) will be in awe before You, until (the light) the sun and the moon, forever and ever. (6) It will do it as rain to beveled (ing) as raindrops irrigated. (7) Thrive will be righteous in his days, and (will come) the abundance of peace, till the moon disappears. (8) And he shall rule from sea to sea and from the River to the ends of the earth. (9) And they shall fall before him on his knees inhabitants of the desert, and his enemies lick the dust will be. (10) The kings of Tarshish and the islands will present the gifts, the kings of Sheba and Seva bring gifts. (11) And all the kings shall worship him, all nations will serve him, (12) For he shall save the poor and needy helpless screaming. (13) Have mercy on the poor, he wretched souls of the needy and save. (14) From the violence and crime he deliver their soul, and the road is their blood in his sight. (15) And will live, and he will give him of the gold of Sheba, and will pray for him always, all day to bless him. (16) And it will be a bountiful harvest in the country, on top of the mountains; zakolyshutsya fruits of it, like a (forest) levanonsky, and will bloom (multiplied) in the city (people), as the grass on the ground. (17) Always be upon his name, until the (light) the sun will be his name for ever, and blessed in him all the nations will call him happy. (18) Blessed be the L-rd Gd, Gd Yisraeylya works wonders He alone. (19) And blessed be His glorious name forever, and be filled with the glory of the whole earth. Ameyn and ameyn! (20) finished his prayer of David, the son of Yishay.

psalm 73

(1) Ps Asaph. Truth, goodness Gd to Yisraeylyu, a clean heart. (2) I - nearly buckled my feet almost slipped my feet, (3) For I envied that causeth shame, seeing the prosperity of the wicked, (4) Because they have no pain at the death of their strength is firm. (5) The work is not human (participating) and how they (other) people do not suffer. (6) Therefore, they have surrounded themselves arrogance like a necklace in clothes they put on violence. (7) Got out of the obesity of their eyes, they have more than heart's desire them. (8) to mock and wickedly speak of oppression, down say. (9) to turn against the sky his mouth and his tongue walk the earth. (10) Therefore, calls his people there, and drink water full (bowl), (11) and said, Whence know Gd? And is there knowledge in the Most High? (12) These are the - the wicked, and the ever-calm, and a lot of wealth with them. (13) Indeed, in vain I cleansed my heart, and washed my hands in innocence. (14) And I was hit every day, and my calamity (renewed) every morning. (15) If I said: I will speak in the same way that a generation of Thy sons I would have changed. (16) And I thought how to understand this, it was difficult in my eyes, (17) Until I came into the sanctuary of Gd; (Only) I understood their end. (18) Verily, on a slippery place puts you them, (that) was overthrown them in ruins. (19) How quickly they were devastated, they disappeared, killed by horror. (20) As a dream on waking, the L-rd, the image of the city (in Jerusalem) despise you. (21) For the bitterness filled my heart and my kidneys were pierced as a tip (22) And I am ignorant (was) not understand cattle was I before You. (23) And I am always with you, you hold me by my right hand. (24) the Council of his, you have taught me and then take me to glory. (25) Who (else) for me in heaven? And with you I do not want (anything) on the ground! (26) My flesh and my heart; the rock of my heart and my share - Gd forever. (27) For, lo die away, annihilate you all turn away from thee. (28) And I ... the closeness of Gd - good for me, I did the L-rd Gd shelter his to tell about all of Thy deeds.

psalm 74

(1) the mask Asaph. Why, Gd, You left for good, they shall smoke out thy wrath upon thy flock! (2) Remember his community, (which) you gained since ancient times, you saved his knee over his inheritance, this Mount Tsiyon, the home you. (3) Raise the foot of the ruins of His eternal, all that the enemy has destroyed the sanctuary. (4) Thine enemies roar in the (local) Your meetings (in the temple) characters make their marks. (5) Like it was a fact that raises the ax on wood thickets. (6) And now, all decorate his hammer and ax smash. (7) set fire to the temple of thy land to (humiliated), defiled the dwelling of thy name. (8) They said in their hearts, destroy them (all) together; they burned all (places) assembly of Gd in the country. (9) Signs of our not we saw no more than a prophet, and knowing us - how long? (10) How long, O Gd, will blaspheme the oppressor? Forever Is despised enemy is your name? (11) Why do you have hid his hand and his right hand? From the depths of his strike! (12) And (for you), Gd, my King of old, who does salvation among countries. (13) You broke in pieces the sea might, broke the heads of snakes in the water. (14) You smashed head livyatana, gave it to be eaten by the people, the inhabitants of the desert. (15) Thou didst cleave fountain and the flood dried up you mighty rivers. (16) Your day and your night, you strengthened the light (the moon) and the sun. (17) You set all the borders of earth, Summer and winter - you created them. (18) Remember that! Enemy defied Gd and the people sneaking despised Thy name. (19) Do not give the beast the soul of thy dove, thy poor community does not forget for ever. (20) Look upon the covenant, for the dark places of the earth are full of the dwellings of villainy. (21) Let not the oppressed return ashamed, poor and beggar will praise thy name. (22) Arise, Gd, defended his case, remember the whole day to reproach the villain. (23) Do not forget the voice of thine enemies, that rise up against thee noise, podemlemogo incessantly.

psalm 75

(1) Head (on) "Al-tashheyt". A Psalm of Asaph. Song. (2) We praise You, Gd, praise, and close thy name. Tell thy wondrous works. (3) When will choose a time, I will make a righteous judgment. (4) Istaivaet earth and all who inhabit it, I adopted the pillars of it. Sal! (5) I said dissolute: "It is not rude!" and to the wicked, 'Do not raise the horns! " (6) Do not lift up your horn (not) say haughtily (outstretched) neck (7) For not from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south (8) For the (only) Gd - referee; This degrades, and that elevates; (9) Because the cup in his hand T-Spodnja and foamy wine, full of spices (bitter in it), and He pours out of it, even the yeast (sludge) to the bottom of the drink, get drunk all the wicked of the earth. (10) And I will declare for ever, I will sing to Gd Yaakova. (11) And all the horns of the wicked felled rise horns of the righteous.

psalm 76

(1) Head: at neginot. A Psalm of Asaph. Song. (2) Gd known in Judah, in Yisraeyle his name is great. (3) And I was Shaleyme Its foliage and Tsiyone - His abode. (4) There brake He (arrows) lightning bow, shield and sword and battle. Sal! (5), brilliantly You, more mountains of prey. (6) Coverage of stupor brave heart, slept their sleep, and did not find his hands, all the warriors. (7) From shout thy Gd Yaakova fallen asleep and the chariot and horse. (8) You - you afraid; And who can stand before You in the time of thine anger? (9) From heaven to hear you gave the court, and the earth was silenced (10) When it came to the court of Gd to save all the meek of the earth, Sal! (11) For human anger glorify Thee, anger residue restrain you. (12) Let's vows and pay the L-rd your Gd, all around him (even) will bring a gift to be feared. (13) cut off the spirit of rulers, he feared for the kings of the earth.