psalm 77

(1) Head, Yedutunu. A Psalm of Asaph. (2) My voice - to Gd, and I scream, my voice - to Gd, and (you) answer me. (3) On the day of my distress, Gd will I, exudes night arm (ulcer) and my fails, refuses to be comforted my soul. (4) I remember, Gd, and cry, meditate, and my spirit faints. Sal! (5) hold you forever my eyes, stunned I did not (can) speak. (6) I have considered the days of old, the years long ago. (7) I remember the night singing their own, talk to your heart, and my spirit is looking for an answer. (8) Was ever leave Gd and not to favor more? (9) Are dried up forever his mercy, He has defined (disaster) forever? (10) Surely pardon forgot Gd, shut up in anger His mercies? Sal! (11) And I said, my pain - it is the right hand of God. (12) I remember the deeds of Mr. Spodnja to recall the miracle of Thy ancient. (13) And I meditate on all thy works; and thy doings say. (14) God, in your way of holiness. Who is a Gd great as Gd? (15) You, Gd, who does a miracle among the nations showed you my strength. (16) You have to get rid of his own arm thy people, the sons and Yaakova Yoseyfa. Sal! (17) saw thee water, Gd, You have seen the water - were horrified, and the abyss trembled. (18) clouds poured out streams of water, votes are cast heavens, and thine arrows diverge. (19) The voice of thy thunder in the sky, lightning lit up the universe, the earth trembled and shook. (20) In the sea thy way, and thy path in the great waters, and thy footsteps are not known. (21) You led, like sheep, his people, by the hand of Moshe and Aharon.

psalm 78

(1) the mask Asaph. Give ear, O my people, to my teachings, incline your ears to the words of my mouth. (2) I will tell a parable my mouth will utter riddles from of old, (3) who listens to us, and we know them, and our fathers have told us. (4) We will not hide from their sons, telling of the glory of the coming generation of the G-Spodnja, and his strength, and his wondrous works that he had done. (5) and place it is legal in Yaakove and placed the Torah in Yisraeyle, which he commanded our fathers to proclaim his sons, (6) so that they know the generation to come, the sons that are born, (so) up, and told his sons, (7) So they put on Gd hope their own, and do not forget the acts of Gd, and kept His commandments. (8) And not to be as their fathers, a generation stubborn and violent, generation does not approve his heart, whose spirit is not true Gd. (9) Efrayima sons, armed, shoot a bow, turning (reverse) in the day of battle. (10) Do not store them the covenant of Gd and did not follow His Torah. (11) And they forgot His works and His wonders that He shewed them. (12) Before their fathers He created a miracle in the land of Egypt, in the field Tsrana. (13) It is cleaving the sea, and led them, and put water as a wall. (14) And he led them in a cloud by day and night - in the light of the fire. (15) Dissect He rocks in the desert and watered (them) as from the depths of the great. (16) It snatching jet from rocks and sent down water like rivers. (17) And they were more sinned against Him, not listening to the Most High in the desert. (18) And they have experienced Gd in his heart, asking for food, longed for them. (19) And they murmured against Gd, saying: "How could Gd prigotovit table in the wilderness (20) Verily, he struck the rock, and waters gushed out, and poured streams Can He and bread to cook it?.? meat for His people? " (21) During the hearing, the L-rd was angry, and fire broke out in Yaakove, and anger rose against Yisraeylya, (22) because they did not believe in God and trust in His help. (23) And he commanded the clouds above and the doors of heaven solutions. (24) And they shed rain in May for the food and the bread of heaven gave them. (25) the heavenly bread eating people food: he sent them plenty. (26) moved from the east It is in the heavens and the power of His brought in the south. (27) And the rain poured down on them flesh as dust: and as the sand of the sea, - winged birds. (28) And cast (them) among his camp around his dwellings. (29) And they ate and were satisfied rather, He gave them the coveted. (30) (Yet) is not turned away from their lust, even the food in the mouths of them, (31) And the anger of Gd went up to them and kill the fat ones, and boys yisraeylskih cast. (32) For all that they have sinned again, and believed not for his wondrous works. (33) And He has completed their days in vanity, and their years - in terror. (34) When he slew them, they besought him, and returned and sought God. (35) And they remembered that God - their fortress, and Gd Almighty - their redeemer. (36) And they tried to persuade him with their mouth, and with their tongues lied to Him. (37) But their heart was not true to Him, and they were not faithful to His covenant. (38) And He is merciful, forgives sin and does not destroy, and many (times) his anger away, and did not awaken all his wrath. (39) And he remembered that they were flesh, a spirit (evil) goes away and does not return. (40) How many times did not obey, they him in the wilderness and grieved him in the (ground) desert! (41) And again they tested God and the Holy Yisraeyleva asked for signs. (42) they do not remember his hand, the day when he delivered them from the oppressor, (43) When He gave signs in Egypt and His wonders - in the field of Zoan. (44) and turn it into their blood streams, and the water they could not drink. (45) He sent down on them ares (a lot of wild animals or insects) - and he devoured them, and frogs - and they destroyed them. (46) And gave their crops to caterpillars and their labor - locusts. (47) the hail smote their vines and fig trees them - hailstones. (48) and delivered hail and their livestock herds them - of the flame. (49) And he sent them the ardor of his anger, wrath, and indignation, and trouble, by the invasion of evil messengers. (50) paved the way to his anger, not the shore of the death of their souls and the lives of their mora betrayed. (51) And he smote all the firstborn in Egypt, started power in the tents of Ham. (52) and moved as the flock of his people, and led them like a flock, desert, (53) and guided them to safety, and they were not afraid, and the sea covered their enemies. (54) And he brought them to the border of His holy, to this mountain, which his right hand acquired. (55) And he drove before them nations, and given the legacy of (them) to put on them, and put a knee Yisraeyleva in their tents. (56) But they have experienced and have not obeyed Gd Almighty and His laws are not complied with. (57) And they went and changed, as their fathers, turned into a deceptive bow, (58) And they provoked him (sacrificial) and the heights of their own idols, (and) his anger. (59) Heard Gd and very angry and hated Yisraeyl. (60) And he left the tabernacle at Shiloh, the tent, (in which) he lived among men, (61) And he gave his power and his glory in the oppressor's hand, (62) and put to the sword His people, and His inheritance was angry. (63) (and) young men devoured his fire, and the girls were not given (marriage) songs (64) The priests fell by the sword of his, and their widows made no lamentation. (65) And awakened as from a dream, Gd, as the hero, with glee (sobered) of wine. (66) And he smote his enemies from behind, eternal shame betrayed them. (67) And he hated the tent Yoseyfa and knee Efrayima not chosen, (68) And He hath chosen tribe of Judah, Mount Tsiyon, which he loved. (69) And built, like the heavens, his sanctuary, like the earth which he founded forever. (70) And I chose David his servant, and took him from the sheep pens, (71) From milk brought him to feed His people Yaakova and Yisraeylya, his inheritance. (72) and pass them to the Immaculate Heart of His wisdom, and His hand guided them.