Yonatan ben Uziel

Yonatan ben Uziel - "the greatest of Hillel students" (Sukkah 28a).

It is told that when the "Yonatan ben Uziel was sitting and studying the Torah, each bird flying over it burned" (ibid). And Rashi adds: "angels ministers gathered around him to listen to the Torah from his mouth." In Tosafot explained the Torah on Mount Sinai was given "out of the fire" - and in the mouth of river. Yonatan ben Uziel was the same fire, the Torah. He realized annotated transcription of the Torah and the Prophets into Aramaic. According to the Talmud, its translation "reveals the secrets of" God and "sends the tradition that comes from the last of the prophets - Hagai, Zecharia and Malachi" (Megillah Over). The Talmud relates that when Yonatan ben Uziel "was going to transfer the remaining books of Scripture, called to him a voice from heaven, saying," Enough! " - because in these, the final, books hidden secret of the Last Days and the coming of the Messiah "(ibid). Buried in Amook, northeast of Safed. It is a place characterized by special sanctity, and to this day attracts many pilgrims.