psalm 79

(1) Ps Asaph. Gd came the nations for your inheritance thy holy temple defiled thy turned Yerushalayim into ruins; (2) Give corpses Thy slaves to be eaten to the fowl, flesh pious Thy - animals of the earth; (3) their shed blood as water round of Jerusalem, and there bury. (4) have been disgraced we (in the eyes) of our neighbors, mocked and shamed those around us. (5) How long, O L-rd, you will be angry - forever? (Until) will glow like fire, Thy wrath? (6) Pour out thy wrath upon the nations that know thee not, and upon the kingdoms that have not called upon thy name, (7) because it is consumed (the enemy) Yaakova and laid waste his dwelling they are. (8) Do not remind us of the sins of their ancestors, let us hasten towards Thy mercy, for we are very humbled. (9) Help us, Gd of our salvation, for the glory of thy name, and deliver us, and forgive our sins for thy name. (10) Why do the nations say, "Where is their Gd?" Let become known among the nations before our eyes, the vengeance for the blood of your servants! (11) Let the groaning reach you prisoner, the greatness of thy strength, Deliver condemned to death! (12) And our neighbors sevenfold in their bosom, insults, they insulted You, L-rd! (13) And we, thy people and thy flock, will thank you always, always going to talk about your glory.

psalm 80

(1) Head: Shoshani on-eydut. A Psalm of Asaph. (2) Shepherd Yysraeylya! Give ear, Leading Yoseyfa like sheep! (3) sits on keruvah, come forth! Previous Efrayimom and Binyaminom Menashshe and awaken the power of thine, and come to help us! (4) Gd, bring us Thy face to shine, and we will be saved! HaShem Gd of hosts! (5) How long will resent the prayer of thy people? (6) Are you fed them with the bread of tears, and watered them with tears - a large measure. (7) You make us a strife for our neighbors, and our enemies mock (at us) to himself. Gd of hosts! (8) Restore us, and thy face to shine, and we will be saved! (9) The Grapevine from Egypt moved you, from the nations and planted it. (10) Free You (place) for her and strengthened its roots, and it filled the country. (11) is covered with the shadow of the mountains, and its branches - (as) cedars Gd. (12) stretched her branches unto the sea, and the river (Perata) - shoots her. (13) Why you broke her fence? And rob it all pass by the way. (14) chews her Boar Forest, and beast of the field doth devour it. Gd of hosts! (15) Return, please, look down from heaven, and see, and remember the grape vine that (16) and run it, that thy right hand hath planted, and growth, reinforced by You! (17) are burned with fire, it is cut off - from a hail Thy they perish! (18) Let thy hand be upon the man of thy right hand, upon the son of man whom You strengthened. (19) And we will not go back from thee; Revive us, and we will call upon thy name! HaShem Gd of hosts! (20) return us (and) thy face to shine, and we will be saved!

psalm 81

(1) Head: at Gitt. (Ps) Asaph. (2) Sing to Gd, our strength, shout, Gd Yaakova! (3) Lift up singing and timbrel, Kinnaur, (sounding) nice and harp. (4) Blow the shofar at the new moon, at the appointed time - for our festive day, (5) For the law is to Yisraeylya, the establishment of Gd Yaakova. (6) The evidence for Yoseyfa He put it when he came to the land of Egypt. Language you do not understand, I heard. (7) I shot load off his shoulder, freed from the boiler of his hand. (8) In distress you called, and I rescued you, you answered the thunder from the shelter, you felt the waters of Meribah-May. Sal! (9) Hear, O my people, and I will warn you, Yisraeyl! (O), if you listen to me! (10) You shall have no Gd stranger, and thou shalt not worship the Gd of foreign! (11) I - L-rd your Gd, who brought thee out of the land of Egypt; his mouth wide open, and I will fill it. (12) And the people did not listen My My voice, and did not want to Yisraeyl (listen) Me. (13) And I drove them out of the stubbornness of their hearts - (let) follow their own counsels; (14) If my people had listened to me, (if) Yisraeyl walked in the ways my ways, (15) In a moment I would have subdued their enemies, and against their pay to his hand. (16) Those who hate HaShem should have submitted themselves before him (Yisraeylem), and time (punishment) they would be eternal. (17) And he (Yisraeyl) He would feed with the finest of the wheat - and honey from the rock I would have had fed you.

psalm 82

(1) Ps Asaph. Gd standing (there) in the community of Gd, He will judge among the judges. (2) How long will judge unjustly, and the preference of the wicked? Sal! (3) Judge the poor and orphan oppressed and poor judge uprightly. (4) Requirement poor and needy of wicked relieve the hand. (5) Do not know and do not understand in the dark walk, stagger all the foundations of the earth. (6) I said: the angels you and "sons of the Most High all of you (7) However, as a man will die and, like any dignitary, fall (8) Arise, Gd, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations...