Question: Hello. I have a very important question for you, I am a non-Jew, I observe the 7 commandments of Noah, I also read that those who observe the 7 commandments of Noah must also read obligatory prayers for non-Jews. I don’t know Hebrew. How can I read prayers? In Russian or Hebrew written in Russian letters or learn Hebrew? Regards Arthur.

Otver Rav Uri Sherki: From the point of view of Judaism, there is no specific obligatory prayer for the Bnei Noah.

In principle, it is difficult to imagine such a prayer that would be suitable for Bnei Noah in Central Africa, in the wilds of the Amazon, and in the steppes of Siberia.

The connection with God is extremely important, even central, and this applies to both the individual and the community, and they must develop this connection and express it in words. But one should not seek unity here.

We can advise Bnei Noah directions and topics of prayer, but all this is only as advice, not a duty.

But, if the Bnei Noah or the community has taken on a certain prayer as a duty, then it becomes obligatory.

Rav Yishaihu Holander

Prayer is an appeal to God with a request to make up for what we lack. Our sages have added that it is right to preface requests with praise and end with gratitude.

You can pray in any language that the person praying understands. Because “God hears the prayers of all mouths” (from the Amida prayer).

Rav Uri