psalm 82

(1) Ps Asaph. Gd standing (there) in the community of Gd, He will judge among the judges. (2) How long will judge unjustly, and the preference of the wicked? Sal! (3) Judge the poor and orphan oppressed and poor judge uprightly. (4) Requirement poor and needy of wicked relieve the hand. (5) Do not know and do not understand in the dark walk, stagger all the foundations of the earth. (6) I said: the angels you and "sons of the Most High all of you (7) However, as a man will die and, like any dignitary, fall (8) Arise, Gd, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations...

psalm 83

(1) Song. A Psalm of Asaph. (2) Gd, so you will have no rest, do not be silent and not be quiet, (3) Gd, Behold Your enemies roar and hate thee have lifted up the head. (4) Against thy people, they conspire secretly evil and counsel about to save thee. (5) They said: go and cut them to (longer) being a nation; and let there be no more than mention the name Yisraeylya! (6) For they are unanimous in meetings against you form an alliance. (7) The tents of Edom and yishmeeyltyan, Moab and Agrim, (8) Ebal, and Ammon, and Amaleyk, Peleshet with residents of Zorah, (9) And Ashur joined them, they began to help the sons of Lot. Sal! (10) made it the same as Midyanu that AMIS that Yavinu at Kishon stream (11) in the extermination Ein Dore, become manure to the ground. (12) came to them with their superiors as to Oreyvom as a Zeeyvom, and how Zevahom, and how Tsalmunnoy - with all the princes of them, (13) who say, take possession of the home itself Gd. (14) God is my! Make them like tumbleweed, like straw before the wind. (15) As the fire burns a forest and as a flame sets the mountains, (16) So pursue them the storm and tempest of his point-his fear of them. (17) Fill their faces shame, until will not seek thy name, the L-rd. (18) Let ashamed and frightened to be forever, and will be put to shame and perish! (19) And so they will know that you - one, Thy name - the L-rd, (you) - the Most High over all the earth!

psalm 84

(1) Head: at Gitt. Psalm of the sons of Korah. (2) How beloved are thy tabernacles, the L-rd of hosts! (3) Tosca and my soul is dried away the yards Ms. Spodnja my heart and my flesh sing Gd living. (4) And the bird finds a home and the swallow - a nest for herself, where puts their chicks. (I) - the altar of thy Gd of hosts, my King and my Gd. (5) Happy are those who are in thy house, will always praise you. Sal! (6) Happy is the man whose strength is in you, the way (to you) - in their heart. (7) RUNNING valley Bach converted to its source, and a blessing shrouds (ee) spring rain. (8) They go from strength to strength, it will appear before God in Tsiyone, the L-rd Gd of hosts! (9) Hear my prayer, give ear, O Gd Yaakova, Sal! (10) our shield! See, Gd, and look on the face of your anointed! (11) For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I prefer to stand at the threshold of the Gd of my house than live in the tents of wickedness. (12) For a sun and shield - the L-rd Gd's mercy and glory gives Gd does not deprive the good of those who walk in integrity, the L-rd of hosts! (13) Happy is the man who depends on you!

psalm 85

(1) Head. Psalm of the sons of Korah. (2) favored by You, L-rd, to the country of Thy - You returned the captivity Yaakova. (3) You're forgiven the iniquity of thy people, hid their sins. Sal! (4) You're pulling away thy indignation, fury turned away thine anger. (5) to return to us, Gd of our salvation, and put a stop to thy wrath against us. (6) Are Forever will you be angry with us to extend thy wrath from age to age? (7) After you revive us again, and your people will rejoice in You. (8) Show us, L-rd, your mercy and give us Thy help. (9) I hear that says Gd, Gd, for He promises peace to his people, and his pious, but they would not come back to folly. (10) Verily, those who fear him close to his salvation, that glory may dwell in our land. (11) Mercy and truth have met, justice and peace are joined. (12) (When) the truth from the earth grows, justice from heaven is, (13) And the L-rd will give good, and our land will yield its fruit. (14) The validity before him go, and he will send (it) on the way his feet.

psalm 86

(1) Prayer David. Incline, Gd, thy ear, answer me, for I am helpless and depressed. (2) Preserve my soul, for I am pious, Save You, my Gd, thy servant, relying on you! (3) Have mercy on me, HaShem, for I cry unto thee all the day. (4) announce to the soul of your servant, for to You, L-rd, do I lift up my soul, (5) For You, L-rd, kind and forgiving, and plenteous in all that call upon thee. (6) Hear, HaShem, my prayer and to the voice of my supplications listen! (7) On the day of my distress call on you, because you answer me. (8) There is none like thee among the B-gov, Gd, and no acts like thee. (9) All peoples who created you, to come and worship before You, L-rd, and glorify thy name, (10) For the great, and doest wondrous You, you - Gd is one you. (11) Teach me, O L-rd, thy way, I will walk in thy truth, guide my heart only to fear thy name. (12) will praise You, L-rd my Gd, with all your heart, and praise thy name for ever, (13) because great is your mercy on me and you saved my soul from the depths of hell. (14) God is the wicked went up with me, and a bunch of cruel seeketh my life - and you have not submitted before him. (15) But thou, O L-rd, Gd is compassionate and merciful, slow to anger and abundant in goodness and truth. (16) Turn to me and have mercy on me, give thy strength unto thy servant, and help the son of thy handmaid. (17) has done for me a sign for good, they hate me will see it and be ashamed, for You, L-rd, helped me and comforted me.

psalm 87

(1) Ps Korach sons. Song. Its base in the holy mountains. (2) He loves Gd gates Tsiyona most Yaakova mansions. (3) Glorious tells about you, city of Gd, Sal! (4) remind Rahab (Egypt) and Bavel, knowing me. Here Peleshet and Tsor with Cush: This one was born there. (5) A Tsiyone to say, each born in it, and he, (6) the Almighty, strengthen him. Gd will write to the peoples of the census: "This one was born there." Sal! (7) And singing, and dancing - all my springs are in thee.

psalm 88

(1) Song. Psalm of the sons of Korah. Head: on Mahalath leanot. (2) MASK Ayman Ezrahi. L-rd, Gd of my salvation! During the day I cried at night - before You. (3) come unto thee my prayer, incline thine ear to my call, (4) For my soul is satiated misfortunes and my life has reached the underworld. (5) has ranked I to go down into the grave, I am become as a man without strength. (6) Among the dead, free, similar to (i) the slain that lie in the grave, whom thou rememberest no more, and they cut off thy hand. (7) Thou hast laid me in the lowest pit, in the darkest places, in the deeps. (8) trouble me thy wrath, and all your waves you tormented (me). Sal! (9) Delete You my friends away from me, made me an abomination to them, I concluded, and I can not get out. (10) The eye sore from my suffering, I urge you, Gd, every day, to thee forth thine hand. (11) Is it doest thou wonder for the dead? Do the departed will stand, will give thanks unto thee? Sal! (12) Is it in the grave tell of thy mercy, and for thy faithfulness - in the underworld? (13) Would it be known in the darkness of a miracle, and thy justice Thy - in the country of oblivion? (14) And I said to you, Gd, screaming, and in the morning my prayer appears before you. (15) Why, Gd, You are leaving my soul, hide Your face from me? (16) exhausted me and die, stand the horrors of Yours, I'm afraid! (17) passed over me Thy wrath, horror Your destroyed me, (18) the whole day surrounded me like water, together surrounded me. (19) You are far from me lover and friend, my friends - the darkness.