psalm 104

(1) Bless the Lord, O my soul, the L-rd! Gd is my Gd, You are unusually large, the beauty and splendor was clothed; (2) Okutan light as cloak stretched heavens as veil; (3) water Covers upper his chambers clouds making chariot Self walks on the wings of the wind; (4) Does It His messengers winds, His ministers - the flaming fire. (5) He established the earth on its foundations, not be shaken forever. (6) deep, as a garment you covered it, mountains water over steel. (7) they ran away from thy shout, the voice of thy thunder hurrying. (8) We climbed mountains, went down the valley on the ground that (that) thou hast founded for them. (9) The border did you not pass it (the water of it), do not return to cover the earth. (10) send (HaShem) springs into the valleys between the mountains they differ, (11) given to drink of the wild animals, wild beasts quench their thirst. (12) They live above them birds of the air between the branches is heard their voice. (13) irrigated (Gd) mountains of the upper chambers of his fruit of thy land shall be satisfied with affairs. (14) It is to cultivate grass for cattle and herbs for human labor, remove the bread from the earth, (15) And wine, exhilarating the heart of man, (and) oil to make the face shiny, and bread that strengthens man's heart. (16) was saturated with L-Spodnja trees, cedars Levanon that he planted (17) in which birds nest; home stork - (c) cypresses. (18) High Mountain - mountain goats, rocks - shelter for damans. (19) He created the moon for (determining) seasons: the sun knows its sunset. (20) Thou makest darkness - and night falls, then wander all beasts in the forest. (21) The lions roar for prey, asking Gd food itself. (22) The sun will rise - they are going and go to their dens. (23) It turns out the man for his labor, and for their - till evening. (24) How numerous are your works, the L-rd! All wisdom hast thou made, earth is full of thy creatures. (25) This is the great and spacious sea, there are reptiles without number, animals both small and large; (26) There are sailing ships, livyatan who did you, that he developed in it. (27) All of them are on you hope that you give them their food in due season. (28) give them - they gather, will open his hand - filled with good, (29) hide His face - frightened, zaberesh their spirit - will die and return to their dust. (30) you send forth your Spirit, - they are created, and you renew the face of the earth. (31) Glorified be Mr. Spodnja forever, will be pleased Gd to their works. (32) Look to the land - and shudder she touches the mountains - and they will smoke. (33) I will sing to Gd during his life, I will sing praise to Gd, in my opinion, till exist. (34) Yes, he delighted in my words, I'll be happy to Gd. (35) Let the sinners from the earth, and the wicked - let it not be them more! Bless the Lord, O my soul, the L-rd! Aleluya (Praise Gd)!

psalm 105

(1) Thank Gd, call on his name and tell among the nations his deeds; (2) Sing to Him, praise Him, tell me about all his wondrous works; (3) proudly referred to his saints, let the heart of them rejoice seeking Gd; (4) to inquire of Gd and his strength, seek his face continually; (5) Remember his marvelous works which he had done, his wonders, and the judgments of his mouth. (6) The seed of Abraham his servant, sons Iaakova, his chosen ones! (7) He is - L-rd our Gd, in all the earth his judgments. (8) He remembers his covenant forever - the word (that) he commanded to a thousand generations - (9) of which he concluded with Abraham, His oath to Yiskhaku. (10) And he made it Yaakovu law Yisraeylyu - an everlasting covenant, (11) said: you give the land of Canaan, familial inheritance is yours, - (12) When it was their little number, a little, and the newcomers (they were) in it. (13) And went from nation to nation, from the kingdom (one) to a different tribe. (14) It is not given to anyone to oppress them, and punished kings for them. (15) Do not touch my anointed and do my prophets no harm! (16) And he called a famine in the country, every staff of bread broken, (17) He sent a man before them - was sold for a servant Yoseyf. (18) tormented fetters his feet, the iron entered into his body (19) until they came to his word - a word Mr. Spodnja cleared it. (20) and untied king sent it (commanded) lord Peoples and released it. (21) He made him lord of his house, and ruler over all his property, (22) to communicate it at the behest of his nobles, and teach his elders wisdom. (23) And there came Yisraeyl to Egypt, Yaakov lived in the country of Ham. (24) and multiplied exceedingly He his people and made them stronger than their enemies. (25) (And) He drew their hearts to hatred (against) his people, and maliciously to (against) His servants. (26) He sent Moshe, His servant, Aaron whom He had chosen. (27) they have been committed among them the signs (of) His words and miracles - in the country of Ham. (28) He sent darkness - and it was dark, and did not oppose his word. (29) He Turned the water into the blood, and slew their fish. (30) of the country swarmed with frogs, (even) the kings of the room. (31) He said - and came ares, lice - in all their borders. (32) Did It Rain hail them, a flame of fire (lit) in their country, (33) And broke their vines and fig trees them, and broke the trees within them. (34) He said - and came arbe and elek (species of locusts), and (it was) number. (35) and devoured all the grass in their country, and devoured the fruit of their land. (36) And he smote all the firstborn in their country, the chief of all their strength. (37) And he led them (yisraeyltyan) with silver and gold, and (there was) a poor man among the tribes of them. (38) Egypt was glad when they came out, because fear fell upon them. (39) He spread a cloud as a veil, and fire to give light at night. (40) Requests (the people) - and He brought quail, and the bread of heaven satisfieth them. (41) He opened the rock, and poured water flowed in the desert, (as) the river (42) For he remembered the word of the holy, and Abraham his servant, (43) And he brought forth his people with joy, joyfully - his elect. (44) And gave them the land of the peoples, tribes, and they inherited the labor, (45) In order to comply with its laws and to maintain his doctrine. (46) Aleluya!