psalm 113

(1) Aleluya. Praise, servants of Mr. Spodnja, praise the name of the Lord! (2) Blessed be the name of Mr. Spodnja now and forever. (3) From sunrise to sunset it glorified the name of Mr. Spodnja. (4) Exalted above all nations, Gd, His glory above the heavens. (5) Who is as the L-rd our Gd, seated high, (6) are inclined to see - in the heavens and on the earth, (7) is lifted from the dust the poor, from the litter exalts the poor, (8) To put ( it) with the noble, noble with his people. (9) without children, sitting at home, (turns) in the mother raduyuschuyusya children. Aleluya.

psalm 114

(1) When the left Yisraeyl from Egypt, Iaakova house - from another nation, (2) became Judah his sanctuary Yisraeyl - subject to him. (3) The sea saw and ran, Yardeyn reversed. (4) Mount skipped as rams, hills - like lambs. (5) What's with you, Sea, that you ran? Yardeyn - (that) turned you around? (6) Mountain (that) you jump like rams, the hills - like lambs? (7) lord (his) Tremble, earth, before God Yaakova, (8) turned the rock (in) the lake water, the flint - in sources of water.

psalm 115

(1) Not to us, Gd, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory - for the sake of thy mercy, and for thy faithfulness. (2) What to say among the nations, 'Where is their Gd? " (3) And our Gd - in heaven. All he wants, he does. (4) The idols of them - the silver and gold, the work of men's hands: (5) Roth at them - and do not say, their eyes - and see not; (6) Ears they have - and they do not hear, a nose at them - but they do not smell; (7) Their hands - and they handle not, their legs - and do not go, do not publish your throat sound. (8) Let them be like making them, just rely on them. (9) Yisraeyl rely on Gd! He is their help and shield them. (10) The house of Aaron, rely on the L-rd! He is their help and shield them. (11) Those who fear the L-rd, rely on the L-rd! He is their help and shield them. (12) L-rd remembered us, He will bless, He will bless the house Yisrael, He will bless the house of Aaron! (13) He will bless those who fear Gd - both small and great. (14) Yes, add your Gd, you and your sons. (15) Blessed are you Lord, who made heaven and earth. (16) The heavens the heavens - the L-rd, but the earth he has given to the sons of men. (17) Do not be dead praise Gd and did not go down into hell, (18) And we will bless Gd now and forever. Aleluya.

psalm 116

(1) I love when he hears Gd is my voice, my supplication, (2) For he hath inclined his ear unto me; and in my days I will call upon (Him). (3) bonds of death came upon me, and torment of hell caught me, sorrow and distress have found me. (4) And I call on the name of Mr. Spodnja, pray to Gd, save my soul. (5) merciful Gd and just, and compassionate our Gd. (6) Stores Gd suckers; I become poor, but he saved me. (7) Return, O my soul, to thy rest, because Gd has done well for you, (8) For You saved my soul from death, my eye - from tears, my foot - from stumbling. (9) will walk before the Lord in the land of the living. (10) I believe in, when I said I was very exhausted, (11) I said in my haste: All men are false. (12) The recompense I HaShem for all His benefits? (13) will raise the cup of salvation, and the name of Mr. Spodnja will call. (14) The vows my Gd will fulfill before all his people. (15) The hard in the eyes of the Lord his pious death. (16) Please, Gd, for I am thy servant, I am Your servant, son of Your maidservant, You untied my bonds! (17) You bring the sacrifice of praise, and the name of Mr. Spodnja will call. (18) The vows my Gd will fulfill before all his people, (19) in the yard of Mr. Spodnja among you, Yerushalayim. Aleluya!

psalm 117

(1) Praise of the Lord, all ye nations, praise Him, all the families, (2) Because of His great mercy toward us, and faithfulness to the Lord - for ever. Aleluya!

psalm 118

(1) Give thanks to the L-rd is good because (He), because His mercy is forever. (2) Let Yisrazyl say that His mercy is eternal, (3) Let the house of Aaron say, that his mercy is eternal, (4) Let them say that fear of the Lord, that His mercy is forever. (5) in distress, I cried to Gd - spacious replied Gd. (6) The L-rd with me, not fear. What man do to me? (7) Gd to help me, and I see (the death) that hate me. (8) It is better to trust in HaShem than to trust in man. (9) It is better to trust in Gd than to hope for the nobles. (10) All the nations surrounded me, but in the name of Mr. Spodnja I will destroy them. (11) They surrounded me, surrounded by, but the name of Mr. Spodnja I will destroy them. (12) They surrounded me like bees, (but) they are quenched as the fire (in) the thorns - the name of Mr. Spodnja I will destroy them. (13) You are strongly pushed me to fall (I), but HaShem helped me. (14) My strength and jubilation - Gd, and He has become my salvation. (15) The voice of joy and salvation in the tents of the righteous right hand of Mr. Spodnja creates force. (16) The right hand of Mr. Spodnja exalted, the right hand of Mr. Spodnja creates force. (17) I shall not die, but live, and I will tell you (about) the acts Mr. Spodnja. (18) has punished me Gd, but death is not betrayed. (19) Open to me the gates of justice, I will go into them, thank Gd. (20) This is the gate G-Spodnja, the righteous will enter into them. (21) Let us thank You, for You have answered me and become my salvation. (22) The stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner. (23) From the L-rd had this marvelous it in our eyes. (24) It is a day created by the Lord, we will exult and rejoice in it. (25) Please, Gd, save, pray to Gd, establish thou it! (26) Blessed is coming in the name of Mr. Spodnja, bless you from the house Mr. Spodnja. (27) All-Powerful Gd, and He has given us light; tie cords of the holiday (the victim) to the horns of the altar. (28) my Gd you, and I will give thanks to You, my Gd, I will exalt thee. (29) Thank Gd, for He is good, for his mercy is forever.