psalm 119

(1) Blessed are those whose way is blameless, following the Torah, G-Spodnja. (2) Blessed are they that keep his commandments with the whole heart they seek Him, (3) and do not create mischief they walk in his ways. (4) Do commanded firmly keep your precepts. (5) I pray, let my ways are directed to observe Thy law. (6) Then there ustyzhus, peering into all thy commandments. (7) Hail You'll directness heart, studying Thy righteous laws, (8) Laws keep thy will - do not leave me at all! (9) As a young man cleanse his way? Retaining (itself) according to your word! (10) with their whole heart I sought thee, let me not to make a mistake, (withdraw from) thy commandments. (11) In my heart I concluded your word, might not sin against You. (12) Blessed are You, L-rd, - teach me thy statutes! (13) with his lips have I declared all the decisions of your mouth is. (14) (following) the path of thy commandments, I was happy as (other) - all wealth. (15) On your precepts and meditate peered in thy ways. (16) the establishment of thy delight in, will not forget thy word! (17) Do good servant, (so) I lived and kept thy word. (18) Open my eyes that I saw wonderful of Your Torah. (19) I am a stranger in the land - hide not thy commandments from me! (20) to crush my soul thirst of Thy laws at all times. (21) You have threatened the wicked, cursed, retreating from thy commandments. (22) Remove from me shame and reproach, for thy commandments have I kept. (23) And were nobles conspired for me, (and) thy servant meditated on thy law. (24) And thy commandments - my delight and my counselors. (25) glued to the dust of my soul, Quicken me according to thy word! (26) He told me about his way, and you answered me - teach me thy law. (27) The way of thy precepts forbid me to understand, and I will meditate on thy wondrous works. (28) Istaivaet sadness my soul, strengthen me according to thy word, (29) The path lies withdraw from me, and grant me Your law. (30) The path of faith I have chosen, Thy laws set (before him). (31) I clung to thy commandments, Gd - not shame me! (32) By thy precepts hurry when you give space in my heart. (33) Show me. HaShem, the way of thy law, and I'll stick with it until the end. (34) Give me understanding, and I will stick to Your Torah and to keep it with all my heart. (35) Lead me on the path of thy commandments; for I have desired it. (36) is inclined my heart to thy commandments, and not to covetousness. (37) Turn away my eyes from seeing vanity, by thy quicken me. (38) approved for thy servant thy word of reverence before Thee. (39) which I dread Turn away my reproach, because solutions Your benefits. (40) Here, I have desired thy precepts: quicken me in thy righteousness! (41) And let come to me thy mercy, O L-rd, the salvation from you - according to your word. (42) And I will give the answer reviling me, for I trust in thy word. (43) And take not quite out of my mouth the word of truth, for Thy justice I expect. (44) And I will keep Your law continually for ever and ever. (45) And I will walk in the open, for thy precepts I have sought. (46) And I will speak of thy commandments before kings and not ustyzhus. (47) And I will take comfort in thy commandments, which I love. (48) And I will lift up my hands unto thy commandments, which I love, and I will meditate on your laws. (49) Remember the word (thy) to thy servant, that you supported me. (50) This is my comfort in my affliction, for thy word hath quickened me. (51) The villains mocked me enormously - from Your Torah not evaded me. (52) I remember Your ancient establishment, L-rd, and comfort. (53) The trembling seized me because of the wicked that forsake Your law. (54) The songs were me thy laws in the house where I lived. (55) I have remembered your name during the night, Gd, and kept Your law. (56) It happened to me, because I kept Your law. (57) Thou art my portion, Gd, I say - keep thy words. (58) I beg you with all my heart - have mercy on me according to thy word. (59) I was thinking about his ways, and turned my feet unto thy commandments. (60) I made haste, and delayed not to keep thy commandments. (61) Gangs of the wicked have surrounded me - Your law I did not forget. (62) At midnight I get up, I thank Thee for Thy judgments are righteous. (63) I Comrade anyone who fear before thee, and keep thy precepts. (64) of thy mercy, Gd, full of earth - teach me thy law. (65) Thou hast thy servant, Gd, according to thy word. (66) good judgment and knowledge teach me, For in your commandments I believe. (67) Before I suffered, I was wrong and now I kept thy word. (68) Welcome you, and do good; teach me thy law. (69) Erected a lie against me wicked, - (a) all my heart I keep thy precepts. (70) stupefied, (was) as the fat, and their heart - (a) Your Torah I was comforted. (71) is good for me that I have suffered to learn in thy law. (72) It is better for me the Torah of thy mouth than thousands of gold and silver. (73) Thy hands have made me and adopted me, give me understanding, and I will study your commandments. (74) Those who fear you will see me and be glad, for your word, I relied. (75) I know, HaShem, that Thy righteous decisions and you punished me justice. (76) Let thy mercy be for my comfort, according to thy word unto thy servant. (77) Let him come to me thy mercy, and I will live, because the Torah Your - my joy. (78) Let the wicked be ashamed, because they falsely, unjustly judged me, - (a) I will meditate on your precepts. (79) Let me return to that fear thee, and know thy precepts. (80) Let there be a holistic my heart to thy laws, so as not ashamed of me. (81) My soul thirsts help thy trust in thy word I have. (82) Crave my eyes Thy word, saying: When wilt thou comfort me? (83) Though I have become like a bottle smoked - not forgotten thy law. (84) How many days in thy servant? When you arrange a trial of my persecutors? (85) I dug a pit fiends, against the Torah of Thy. (86) All thy commandments - the truth, they are unjustly persecuted me - help me! (87) They had almost consumed me on earth; but I forsook not thy precepts. (88) According to thy mercy quicken me, and I will keep the commandments of thy mouth. (89) Forever, L-rd, your word is established in heaven. (90) In your faithfulness forever. You approved the land - and well worth it. (91) Under the laws of thy they stand to this day, because everything is subordinated to you. (92) Were it not for Your Torah - my joy, - gone to in my affliction. (93) I will never forget your precepts, for with them thou hast quickened me. (94) Your I, help me, because thy precepts - (s) I am looking for. (95) It was hoped I peered into thy commandments wicked to destroy me, (a). (96) Everything perfect, I have seen a limit, but Your commandment is immensely voluminous. (97) How I love Your law! All day long it is - (a subject) of my reflections. (98) wiser than my enemies makes me Thy commandments, for forever - my it. (99) From who taught me all I managed to, for thy commandments - my thought. (100) From the elders is chastened me, because I kept thy precepts. (101) From every bad path I have restrained my feet to keep your word. (102) From Thy law I have not deviated because you taught me. (103) How sweet to my palate thy words, more than honey to my mouth. (104) Through thy precepts I get understanding, because I hate every false way. (105) Thy word - lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. (106) I have sworn - and perform! - to keep Thy law of justice. (107) I am very depressed, the L-rd, quicken me according to thy word. (108) to the prayer of my mouth are pleased, ask HaShem, and teach me your laws. (109) My soul is always in my hand (in mortal danger), but Your law I did not forget. (110) Have a network wicked to me, and I have not deviated from Your precepts. (111) Inherited I thy commandments forever, because they - the joy of my heart. (112) are inclined I mine heart to perform thy laws forever, until the end. (113) malicious hate me, but I love Your law. (114) My Refuge and my shield Thou Thy word I await. (115) Depart from me, wicked, and I will keep the commandments of my Gd. (116) Support me according to your word, that I live, and not be ashamed of my hope in me. (117) Uphold me, and I shall be saved, and will be engaged in thy laws always. (118) You shall tread down the backing of all of your laws, because they lie in vain. (119) As the slag removed you all the wicked of the earth, therefore I love thy commandments. (120) tremble with fear before thee, my flesh, and thy judgments I'm afraid. (121) creates the court and justice, I do not leave me (in the hands) of my oppressors. (122) vouch for thy servant - for good (it), let not oppress me villains. (123) My eyes are weary (waiting) Your help and words of thy justice. (124) Do unto thy servant according unto thy mercy, and teach me your laws. (125) I am thy servant, give me understanding, and learn thy commandments. (126) Time to act for the sake of the Lord: they have broken Your law! (127) Therefore I love your commandments more than gold and pure gold. (128) Therefore all thy commandments - all just admit any false path I have hated. (129) Wonderful are thy commandments, so my soul keep them. (130) The revelation of Your words illuminates, it giveth understanding unto the simpletons. (131) opens up his mouth, and swallow (words of Torah), because thy precepts I thirst. (132) Turn to me and have mercy on me - rightly love your name. (133) Order my steps in thy word: and let not iniquity rule over me. (134) Deliver me from the oppression of man, and I will keep thy precepts. (135) thy face to shine upon thy servant, and teach me thy law. (136) water flows leakin my eyes, because they are not stored Your law. (137) Righteous are You, L-rd, and true laws yours. (138) Your Prescribing, which thou hast commanded, and hold true at all. (139) exhausted me, my eagerness, because you have forgotten Thy words my oppressors. (140) Very clean your word, and thy servant loves it. (141) Mal and I despised, (but) thy precepts have not forgotten. (142) Your Justice - justice is eternal, and Thy Torah - truth. (143) Trouble and distress have overtaken me, (but) thy commandments - my joy. (144) The validity of statutes Tvoih'vechna - give me understanding, and I will be alive! (145) I cried with all my heart - tell me, HaShem, I will keep thy law. (146) I called you - help me, and I shall keep thy commandments. (147) Early in the dark, I stood up and cried out, at thy word I waited patiently. (148) Ahead of my eyes the night watches, to meditate (I) to Thy word. (149) My voice hear of thy mercy, Gd, according to thy quicken me. (150) tending to approaching guile- the Torah of Thy departed them. (151) is near you, Gd, and all thy commandments - the truth. (152) It has long been know I'm from thy commandments, which thou hast founded them for ever. (153) Look upon my suffering and deliver me, for Your law I did not forget. (154) Champion (for me) in my distribution and redeemed me, according to thy word: quicken me. (155) Far from the wicked, salvation, for Thy laws were not looking for them. (156) Thy great mercy, Gd, as usual thy quicken me. (157) Many are my persecutors and oppressors mine, (but) from thy commandments I have not deviated. (158) I beheld the treacherous, and quarrel (with), (so) that they have not kept your word. (159) See how I love thy commandments, Gd, according to thy mercy quicken me. (160) The basis of your word - the truth, and every righteous judgment forever Yours. (161) nobles persecuted me without a cause, but your word scared my heart. (162) I rejoice at thy words, as the finder of great loot. (163) Lies I hate and abhor (it); Your law I love. (164) Seven (times) a day I praise Thee for Thy laws fair. (165) Veliko wellbeing love Your law, and they have no obstacles. (166) I waited patiently for help thy Gd, and done thy commandments. (137) to store my soul thy commandments, and I loved them very. (168) stores I thy commandments and thy commandments; for all my ways are before You. (169) Let reaches you, Gd, my prayer, according to your word give me understanding. (170) come unto thee my supplications, according to thy word, save me. (171) My lips shall speak the praise, when thou hast taught me thy law. (172) utters will my tongue thy word, for all thy commandments are true. (173) Let thine hand help me; because I have chosen your precepts. (174) I have longed for thy help, Gd, Torah and Your - my joy. (175) Long live my life, and praise thee, and will help me thy judgments. (176) Lost I like a lost sheep, seek thy servant, because I have not forgotten thy commandments I have.