psalm 135

(1) Aleluya. Praise the name of Mr. Spodnja Praise, O ye servants, (2) standing in the house of Mr. Spodnja, in the courtyards of our God at home. (3) Praise Gd, because Gd is good; sing to his name, because it is sweet (it), (4) Because Yaakova chose a Gd, Yisraeylya - an expensive property to his. (5) For I know that the great Gd and Gd our (above) of all B-gov. (6) Whatever the L-rd, He does in heaven and on earth, in the seas, and (in) all deeps - (7) the cloud from the edge of the earth, the lightning for rain creates the wind brings from the treasures of His - ( 8) (He) who smote the firstborn of Egypt - both man and beast. (9) He sent signs and wonders among you, Egypt, on Pharaoh and all his servants. (10) (He), who defeated many nations and killed mighty kings: (11) Sihona king of the Amorite, and of Og king of Bashan, and all the kingdoms of Canaan. (12) And He gave their land for an inheritance, Yisraeylyu heritage of his people. (13) L-rd - thy name for ever, Gd - the memory of you, from generation to generation, (14) For the L-rd will intercede for his people, and will spare (the verdict) to His servants. (15) The idols of the nations - the silver and gold, the work of human hands. (16) Roth at them - instead they say, their eyes - and see not; (17) Ears they have - and they do not hear, and there is no breath in their mouths. (18) Similarly, they also may be making them, anyone who relies on them. (19) House Yisraeylya, bless the L-rd, the house of Aaron, bless the L-rd! (20) House Loewen, bless the L-rd, that fear of the Lord, bless the L-rd! (21) Blessed Tsiyona of Gd, dwelling in Jerusalem. Aleluya.

psalm 136

(1) bless Gd, for good (he), for his mercy is forever. (2) Thank Gd B-gov, for his mercy is forever. (3) Give thanks to the L-rd of lords, for His mercy is forever, (4) One who alone does great wonders, for His mercy is forever; (5) made the heavens wisdom because of its ever grace; (6) stretches out on the ground waters, for forever his mercy (7) made great lights: for his mercy is for ever; (8) The sun to rule by day: for his mercy is for ever; (9) The moon and stars to rule by night, for His mercy is forever; (10) who struck Egypt in their firstborn him, for his mercy is for ever; (11) And He brought Yisraeyl from among them, for His mercy is forever, (12) with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, for His mercy is forever; (13) they cut the Yam Suf apart, for forever his mercy; (14) And Yisraeyl spent in the midst of it: for his mercy is for ever; (15) And stryahnuvshego Pharaoh and his host in the Yam Suf, for his mercy is for ever; (16) spent his people through the wilderness: for his mercy is for ever; (17) which smote great kings: for his mercy is for ever; (18) And killed mighty kings, for His mercy is forever; (19) Sihona king of the Amorite, for his mercy is for ever; (20) And Og king of Bashan, for His mercy is forever; (21) And who gave their land as an inheritance; for His mercy is forever, (22) The legacy of Yisraeylyu His servant, for His mercy is forever, (23) The one who in our low estate remembered us; for his mercy is for ever; (24) And has delivered us from our oppressors, for his mercy is for ever; (25) giveth food to all flesh: for his mercy is for ever; (26) Thank Gd of the heavens, for His mercy is forever.

psalm 137

(1) By the rivers of bavelskih - there we sat and wept when we remembered Tsiyon. (2) On the Willows, in the midst thereof We hanged our Kinnaur, (3) Because there captors have demanded that we chant and mock us - joy: "Sing us a song Tsiyona". (4) As we sing the song of Mr. Spodnja a strange land? (5) If I forget thee, O Yerushalayim, let forget (me) my right hand. (6) Yes, my tongue cleave to the sky I think if I do not remember you, if you do not exalt Yerushalayim at the top of my fun. (7) Remember, O L-rd, the day of Jerusalem to the sons of Edom, saying: "Destroy, destroy it to the ground." (8) The daughter Bavelya, (doomed) to destruction! Happy is the one who will reward you deserved for chgo you've done to us. (9) Happy is he that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the rock.

psalm 138

(1) (Ps) David. I will thank you with all my heart, I will sing to you before the strong. (2) bowed to thy holy temple, and glorified the name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth, because you have magnified your word more than thy name. (3) On the day (when) I called, you answered me, strengthened my soul force. (4) praise thee, O L-rd, all the kings of the earth, when they hear the words of thy mouth, (5) and shall sing of the ways Mr. Spodnja for great is the glory of the Lord, (6) For the exalted Gd, but humiliated sees and (though) high - knows from afar. (7) If you go (find myself) is in trouble, kept me alive, against the wrath of mine enemies, stretch forth thy hand, - and helped me to thy right hand! Gd will complete me. (8) Gd, thy mercy is for ever; thy creations do not leave the hands.

psalm 139

(1) Head. Psalm of David. Gd, You have learned and learned. (2) You know (when) I will sit down and get up, you understand my thoughts from afar. (3) The way my compass and my night you and to all my paths used to you (you know them), (4) For there is not (yet) in the language of my words as you know it, the L-rd. (5) behind and Thou hast beset me and entrusted me with Your hand. (6) It is amazing to me the knowledge, high - I can not (comprehend) it. (7) Where to go from thy spirit, and where you run away from? (8) Lift whether in heaven - you are there, the bed there (currently) in the grave - that's you! (9) I take the wings of the dawn, if I will dwell on the edge of the sea, (10) And there shall thy hand lead me, and I will keep thy right hand. (11) And I will say: only darkness shall cover me, and the night - (instead) of light for me! (12) (But) and the darkness does not hide (I) by you, and the night, as the day light; darkness - the light (13) For you created my kidneys, knit me together in my mother's womb. (14) I praise you because I am wonderfully constructed, Your wonderful works, my soul knows (it) completely. (15) was not hid from thee, my essence, when I was made in secret, we form deep in the earth. (16) saw me unformed thine eyes, and in thy book were all written the days when (all) will be created - and I (signified) is one of them. (17) And how hard for me to thoughts of thy Gd, how great is the sum of them! (18) we consider their camp - many sand them. Wake up - and (all) still with you I am. (19) If you killed, Gd, wicked! And (you), people are bloodthirsty, Depart from me, (20) Those who call you with guile; utter vain (your name) Your enemies. (21) Indeed, those who hate You, L-rd, and I hate to quarrel with that rise in thee! (22) full of hatred I hate them, they have become enemies to me. (23) Explore my Gd, and know my heart; test me and know my thoughts, (24) and see if there is any way I'm sad, and lead me in the way everlasting.