psalm 140

(1) Head. A Psalm of David. (2) Save me, Gd, from the evil man, from the robber keep me, (3) (From) those that are plotting evil at heart, every day plotting war, (4) They have sharpened their tongues like a snake, the snake venom in their mouths. Sal! (5) Keep me, Gd, from the hands of the wicked, from the robber save me (from) those that conspire to shake my feet. (6) Hide arrogant and rope snare for me, they spread a net by the wayside traps set for me. Sal! (7) I say to Gd: Gd my you give ear, O HaShem, the voice of my supplications. (8) The L-rd Gd, the strength of my salvation, You have covered my head in the day of war. (9) forbid, Gd (true) desire of the wicked, do not let it come true evil intentions, (so) they are not recorded. Sal! (10) He who stands at the head surrounded me - yes cover his evil their mouth. (11) Yes coals fall on them last, he cast down into the fire, into deep pits - that did not stand up. (12) The man that curseth but not established in the earth; let him catch the evil robber to push. (13) I know that the Lord will create poor judgment, justice - the poor. (14) But the righteous will give thanks to your name, fair will dwell before thee.

psalm 141

(1) Ps David. Gd will call upon thee: make haste unto me, hear my voice when I cry unto thee. (2) Yes, my prayer be like incense before You, vozdevanie of my hands - the evening gift. (3) Put, Gd, guard my mouth, keep the doors of my mouth. (4) Do not let my heart incline to the evil case, to making lawless affairs with men, doers of injustice, and let not eating their sweets. (5) whether the righteous punish me - mercy! And blame me - firs (for) my head (which) does not hurt my head, for as long as I live, pray against the evil of their (wicked). (6) Yes will reset from a cliff judge them, then they will hear the (wicked) my words, for they are pleasant. (7) As the earth, (which) is dissected and crushed, so our bones are scattered before the jaws of hell. (8) For You, L-rd Gd, my eyes on you I rely, does not shed heart (blood) mine. (9) Save me from the network, (which) have placed me, and from the snares of those who do iniquity. (10) Yes, wicked fall in their network (all) together until I pass.

psalm 142

(1) the mask David; Prayer during his stay in the cave. (2) The voice of my cry to Gd, my voice, I beseech Gd. (3) pour out before him my complaint, my trouble before Him tell, (4) When the faint within me my spirit; But you know my path, the path of this, (on which) I go and set up a network to me. (5) Look to the right and you will see that there are familiar with me, I haven gone, no one cares for my soul. (6) the cry of You, L-rd, I say: You are my refuge, my share in the land of the living. (7) Hear my prayer, because I was very weak, save me from my persecutors, for they are stronger than me. (8) Bring my soul out of embarrassment, to praise thy name; I proud to be righteous when you vozdash me (good).

psalm 143

(1) Ps David. HaShem, hear my prayer, give ear to my prayer, Thy faithfulness answer me, Thy spravedlivestyu. (2) And enter not into judgment with Thy servant, for it is not justified in his sight shall no man living, and (3) For the enemy pursued my soul, trampled into the earth my life, to put me into the darkness, like a long dead. (4) And I fainted in my spirit, my heart was horrified me. (5) I remembered the days of old, I meditate on all thy doings, argue about the work of thy hands. (6) I spread out my hands unto thee, O my soul - to you as a dry land. Sal! (7) Make haste, answer me, Gd, my spirit was overwhelmed, hide not thy face from me, and (that) likening down to the pit. (8) Make me to hear thy lovingkindness in the morning, for in thee I trusted, shew me the path of the one in which I go, for to you I have lifted up my soul. (9) Save me from my enemies, Gd, You have my refuge. (10) Teach me to do thy will, for thou art my Gd, thy good spirit (yes) will bring me forth into the plain. (11) For the sake of thy name, Gd, quicken me, Thy righteousness bring them out of trouble my soul. (12) And of thy mercy cut off mine enemies, and destroy all them that afflict my soul, for I am thy servant.

psalm 144

(1) (Ps) David. Blessed be Gd, my rock, teaching my hands the battle, my fingers - war. (2) mercy and my fortress, support, and my deliverer, my shield, and I rely on Him, He (who) are subject to me, my people. (3) L-rd, that (there are) people that you know it (pay attention to him), son of man - what you think about it? (4) Man is like a breath, his days - like a shadow passing. (5) Gd incline thy heavens and come down, touch the mountains - and puffed. (6) Send lightning, and scatter them, thine arrows, and sweeping them. (7) Stretch Your hands from the height, Bring me, and deliver me from many waters, from the hand of foreigners, (8) Whose mouth speaketh lies, and (whose) right hand - right hand of falsehood. (9) Gd, I will sing a new song to You, the harp of ten I will play to you, (10) who gives salvation to kings, relieving David his servant from the hurtful sword. (11) Deliver me and rescue me from the hand of aliens, whose mouth speaketh a lie, and the hand of them - right hand of falsehood, (12) In order to have our children, as young plants grown in their youth they and our daughters like pillars cornerstones, sculptured on the model of the palace. (13) our garners are full, delivering the grain of every kind, our sheep - thousands, tens of thousands in our streets, (14) our Bulls are obese; no break, and there is no loss, and no outcry in our areas. (15) Happy is the people whose (destiny) is such happy people, whose God - Gd it.