Rav Kook: "It is known to us on the basis of Kabbalah (1) that the uprising against spirituality (2) will be in the Land of Israel and the Jewish people at the beginning of the process of national revival (3).

Namely happen so that the material well-being, which reaches the part of the people who imagine that they have achieved all of their goals (4), will contribute to the "melchaniyu" their souls.

And then the days will come, about which you say, "I would not want them" (5).

The desire to sublime and holy ideals completely disappear (6) and, respectively, and fall sniknet spirit (7).

And all this will last as long as there will not come a storm (8), and it will make a revolution, when it will be clear that the basis of the strength of Israel - God (9), which is the Holy worlds (10), in the light of the Almighty, in His torus (11), in the passion for spiritual light, which is the source of this courage, and that can destroy all the worlds and all their strength.

The necessity of this revolt against spirituality (12) is ... http: //ejwiki-books.com/rav-kook/index.php/2-247-vosstanie-protiv-duxovnosti-budet-v-strane-izrailya/