Shalom. In one of the lectures, I heard a parable that the soul of a Jew is a royal daughter who married a peasant (a human body). Tell me, is the soul of a non-Jew also a royal daughter or not? And, in general, what is a poor non-Jew to do? What if I was not born Jewish? The position of the non-Jew is a complete uncertainty. After all, the fulfillment of the seven commandments of Noah is not able to bring order into the life of a non-Jew, but only can prevent the final spiritual degradation. The Jews have the Torah, and they know exactly what they live for. It is the study of the Torah that gives love, fear, reverence and awe before the Almighty. A non-Jew is not obliged to study the Torah, therefore, without knowing the Torah, he cannot experience anything similar to the Creator. Moreover, a non-Jew does not have the feeling that the Almighty needs him. Just imagine for a moment that the Almighty doesn't really need you. You will immediately become an unhappy person, the world will become empty for you. It's hard to live with it. The status of Bnei Noah, the seven commandments of Noah is an illusion, it does not bring you closer to God. In my opinion, the only way out is conversion. This is how I live. Best regards, Olga

Answered by Rav Asher Kushnir

Dear Olga!

Let me start with a general remark. Your letter helps us to understand what time we live in. For thousands of years, Jews have been persecuted all over the world, and more than once it happened that in a moment of danger to their lives they asked themselves: “God, why was I born a Jew?”, “What should a poor Jew do?”. And now the spirit of the times of the coming of the Messiah comes from your message: “Why was I not born a Jew?”, “What should a poor non-Jew do?”…

Your letter is written with the purest intentions and sincere feelings. They are easy to understand and even accept, but it is hard to agree with your analysis of the situation.

The soul is the "royal daughter" of both the Jew and the non-Jew, and the best evidence of this is your sublime message, full of love for the King. Your soul yearns for its Source, seeks intimacy with its Creator. This is the natural state of the soul. But how can this closeness be realized?

The scheme is simple. The Creator is the giver, and the creation is the receiver. Therefore, the more the creation wants to accept what the Creator wants to give it, the greater will be the closeness between them. This means that the real way of approaching the Creator consists in the fulfillment of His desire, His will. And how do you know what His will is? First of all, it is expressed in the order in which the Creator created the world and continues to support it. This order is revealed to all creation, and all creations are filled with gratitude and praise the Creator. Everything except man, he alone is given the freedom of choice - not to want to accept the will of the Creator, not to notice His order.

So, as part of the overall Divine plan, the Creator created Jews and non-Jews in the world. It fell to your lot to be born a non-Jew. Are you asking what to do now?

If you want to get closer to the Creator, then the answer, I hope, is obvious: you must accept your role with all your heart, with joy... After all, it was the will of the Creator.

But you are human. You have the freedom to choose to reject the Creator's desire. You believe that the Creator made a mistake and gave you the wrong role, you are entitled to a “higher” role. How could this happen? According to simple human logic: if I didn’t give it, then the Creator doesn’t need me ... After all, if I was needed, then I would certainly have been born a Jewess!

The Creator gave the peoples of the world the seven commandments of Noah. For what? So that they can draw near to Him. Do you think that this is an illusion, it does not bring you closer ...

I am afraid that with such an attitude and reasoning, even when you convert and become a Jew, you will not leave the feeling that the Creator does not need you and He is mistaken.

I hope you know that among the people of Israel, not everyone is equal in serving the Almighty. There is Coanim, there is Leviim, and there is Israelim. Cohen has more responsibilities than Levi, and Levi has more than Israel. Even now, when there is no Temple, Cohen blesses everyone else in prayer, redeems the first-born, is limited in choosing a bride, etc. What do you say about it? That the Israelites should walk around with the feeling that G-d does not need them? Moreover, as you know, the Torah imposes more duties on a man than on a woman. So, women, including you, are also not needed by God?

Man is not clearly disclosed his role in this world. And when he looks up from below, he wants to belong to those who seem to him higher. But, if you look at the world from top to bottom, then a completely different view is revealed from there, there ... a clear Divine order. And whoever believes in G-d and His providence does not look around, but accepts his role with complete peace of mind and satisfaction: what the Creator has given him is the best that can be for him.

Only with such a “mood” can one begin to think about converting. The first step towards G-d begins with the complete acceptance of His will...

Best regards, Asher Kushnir

Seven commandments of the sons of Noah