Asher Rohberger "Why the Creator chose Moses, or what should be a Jewish leader?"

Just as in the case of Abraham, the written Torah does not explain to us why the Creator chose Moshe Rabbeinu, to get rid of the Jewish people and their withdrawal from Egypt. There is not, and probably can not be a complete answer. At the same time, there are many midrashic, each of which is trying through the disclosure of certain features of the personality of Moshe, give it your answer. Let's look at two examples.

The first of the Midrash regards the period of life of Moses, when he comes out of the palace of Pharaoh, and sees the suffering of the enslaved Jews. "... What does it mean to see their suffering? When he saw them, he cried and said, I feel sorry for you, I am ready to die for you and helped them in their work, without paying attention to its high level. God said, "for what you have left his business and went to see the suffering of Israel, and behave with them like brothers, and I will speak with you, as I said, and called to him the Creator of the burning bush."

According to this midrash cause of revelation of the Creator before it was Moshe (Moses) sympathy for the Jewish people. Moses not only empathized with the suffering of his brothers, but, and despite their high level, trying to help them in their hard work. According to our sages, a man who is ready to help his neighbor, and for which there are important external manifestations of his statusa- worthy to lead the Jewish people to receive the Torah.

And why did Moses before his return to Egypt was like the forefathers - a shepherd (Exodus 3,1). According to our sages, it was a test of his ability to lead the Jewish people. The Midrash tells us (Shemot Rabbah 2.2) "And Moses checked the Creator, through its relationship to the herd. At the beginning of Moshe let youngsters out to pasture, so they tweaked the soft grass, after they let the old, to eat high grass, and in the end let the adults, to eat the toughest grass. "

Why did Moshe Rabbeinu, the spiritual level which was very high, it had to pass a test of the Creator? Moreover, why he had to do it just at his father in law, Jethro, that we know that there was this kind of idolatry, which he has not served?

According to the Lubavitcher Rebbe "Torat Menachem" (Volume 39, page 38.) "The leader of the Jewish people are responsible for all generations, not just for those who are on the right path. Sometimes it is necessary to descend to the level of the lower classes from among his flock, to meet them and the material and spiritual needs, according to their level.

This is why the Creator checked at the stage of Jethro Moses. Despite the fact that Jethro was an idolater, Moshe behaved with him patiently, and in addition scrupulously pass his herd and took care of all the animals in the herd. And even knowing that these animals belong to an idolater, he still cared about, that everyone gets the food he needs.

This Moses proved that he is worthy of being the leader of the Jewish people and take care of his needs, not only to influence them spiritually, so that they have received the world to come, but also to provide them with their material needs without affecting their spiritual level.

This is a litmus test for the Jewish leader: the ability to take care of all the people, lifting the spirit and concern for ensuring their basic material needs.