The judge must be impartial. His own wrongness does not see almost no one ...

One day Rabbi Yehoshua Falk * arose a lawsuit with a Jew, and they went to the beit din - rabbinical court, which was headed by a famous rabbi. On the eve of the hearing Rabbi Yehoshua carefully studied all the legal literature relating to his case, and was once again convinced that he was right. And brought to trial, he gave convincing proof of the correctness of the Talmud and later commentators. However, the case was decided in favor of the other party. Rabbi Yehoshua asked the head of the rabbinical court to show him where they had been taken to base such a decision. Rabbi (who did not know Rabbi Yehoshua in the face and had no idea who to him) respecting his request and opened in front of him ... not that other, as a book written by Rabbi Yehoshua - "CMA", where they were presented the base - black and white! Rabbi Yehoshua was amazed: how could he have forgotten his own same conclusion! It was an amazing confirmation of the words of our sages: the man does not see his own wrong (because is not able to judge myself impartially).

* Rabbi Yehoshua Falk Akoen - the greatest catechist, author of the widely studied commentary to the "Shulchan Aruch" "Hoshen Mishpat" called "Sefer Meirat Eynaim", known by the abbreviation "Sma".

In the book, "A branch of a family tree"