the month Adar

The parable of the fish and the fox

This is what teaches us Barayta (Berachot 61):

"Once hostile to Israel outlandish (Roman) authorities forbade Jews to study the Torah. Papos ben Yehuda traveled then on the Land of Israel, and found that Rabbi Akiva gathering around large groups of students and teaching Torah publicly. He said to him: "Akiva! You're not afraid of the Roman authorities? " He replied: "I will tell you a parable that will explain to you our position.

Once a fox was walking along the river bank. Seeing the fish, which were collected in one or the other place, she asked:

- What were you running away? Fish said:

- We are saved from the networks that are arranged people. Then the fox said:

- Maybe you want to move on land, under my protection, and to conclude with me the same union, which your fathers have concluded with my?

This fish said:

- You are - not what they say about you. It is said that the fox smarter than all the other animals, but you're just stupid! If in their native environment we experience such fear, is it in the environment, which in itself portends a death, we will not be worse?

So are we. Now we sit and study the Torah, which says: "It is - your life and your longevity", and are in such a sad state. How much worse is if we abandon it! ""

Source of strength and the joy of Israel - to the rising waters of the Torah. Month of Adar, created for joy, brings her only on the waves of the Torah. Just days Adare more suitable than any other day of the year, in order to take the burden of the Torah willingly, with love and joy!