Weakness was a strong

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By Leo kazin on 02.13.2018 Not by bread alone, Traditions

Each person has their weaknesses. I must admit that my weakness - chess. Even as a schoolboy, I could sit on the chessboard before dawn. The game captured me completely, and I ceased to feel the passage of time.

At some point I had to choose between going to college and chess. Then I was able to turn its attention to study, and I thought that overcame his weakness. However, whenever I play only one game like losing, I wanted revenge, and won again win. Then I joked that it was weak-strong!

To overcome the small weaknesses require more power. Many of us do not just make plans, gave promise of a fresh start. And many people know that in order to change the behavior of some promises are not enough. The fact that our actions - this is a direct consequence of our character. And if we want to change their lives, their behavior, we must first change ourselves. Only the new person will be able to start a new life. But how to become a new person? - to surprise the reader. Feel and act!

First and foremost - to experience! There are truths, which everyone agrees. But why so few are guided by them in your life? Because it is not enough to understand the truth, you must pass them through the heart.

- How far is the biggest in the world? - asked Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk. - Between mind and heart! Sometimes intelligence points to do one thing, but the heart wants to do something else. The Torah calls a person to overcome this disagreement and to achieve intellectual and emotional unity of the personality: "Know (mind) today, and the faithful (this knowledge) to your heart! (Deuteronomy 4:39). A smoker, for example, understands the reason that smoking is bad, but does not feel it and therefore do not change their behavior. But should he imagine that he contracted lung cancer, to feel fear, as it find the strength to quit smoking ...

"Because of what the First Temple was destroyed? - I asked the sages of the Talmud - Because of three sins: idolatry, immorality and bloodshed. Because of what the Second Temple was destroyed? .. Because of baseless hatred between Jews, which (by gravity) is three sins put together! (Yoma 9b). "

Why mention the three wise men of sin? - asks Magaral from Prague. - After all, one of these sins was enough to destroy the Temple. For the salvation of human life can and must break all the laws of the Torah, in addition to these three. For even on pain of death can not kill, commit violence or abandon the faith, worshiping idols.

Sages indicated the three sin to say, not only Who was the Jews, but also what they did. For the cause of the destruction of the Temple in the destruction of the soul of the people. Even the righteous man may sometimes give way to weakness. However, if a sin is a manifestation of the soul hardened sinner, it is a sign of destruction of his soul, and that it hopes to fix a little ...

What is the Church? Even in the wilderness of Sinai Gd spoke to the Jews to build the Temple of the calls: "they shall make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them" (Exodus 25: 8). Temple - this is evidence that God dwells in the hearts of people. But if people are expelled from the sanctity of their souls, then it collapses and House of Holiness - The Temple!

The sanctity of the First Temple was laid by the founders of the holiness of the people who have passed to their descendants the quality of their souls: Abraham - good, Yitzhak - force (self), and Jacob - the truth (Torah). Three sins are opposed to these three qualities: murder - the good, debauchery - self-control, and the worship of idols - the truth. Therefore, three sin - is evidence of the destruction of the soul of the people and the cause of the destruction of the First Temple.

The sanctity of the Second Temple was founded by Josef and his brothers, who were able to overcome the conflict, overcome hatred and to build unity. But when causeless hatred destroyed the unity of the people, then it collapsed and the Second Temple. Because causeless love to rebuild the Temple.

But if the destruction of the Temple - a consequence of the destruction of the soul of the people, why sages so straight and say, and point to specific sins? In order to teach us how to rebuild! Specific cases destroy or build the human soul. Actions affect his character: sin makes a person a sinner, murder - the killer, brutal actions make a person violent and compassionate - compassionate. And if bad things make a man poor, the good foster kindness, self-control acts instill willpower and Torah classes enlightening truth. And if the sins are destroying the soul, the good deeds to build the temple of the soul!