The Weekly Torah "Balak" (24:14) is about the time of the prophecy of Bilam the future (after the arrival of Moshiach) which states that Moshiach "will crush all the children of Sheth." There are two comments on how to understand these words. Onkelus translates this phrase: "and will rule over the whole human race", while according comment Even-Ezra, and other sages of the nations of the world will be destroyed.

At first glance, it seems that those opinions contradict each other as to what will happen to the people of the world after the coming of Moshiach - will they stay or will disappear from the face of the earth.

We also see that the second comment contradicts numerous prophecies, according to which: "be established later days the mountain of the L-Spodnja and exalted above the hills, and rush to her all the nations. And many people shall go and say, "Let's go up to the mountain of Mr. Spodnja in the house of Gd of Jacob, that He may teach us of his ways, and we went to his paths." And He will judge between the nations, and will give the lesson to many nations "(Yeshayahu 2: 2). And also, "But I (know) their works and their thoughts, comes (time) to gather all nations and tongues, and they shall come, and see my glory. And I will do among them a sign, and I will send survivors from them to the nations "(Yeshayahu 68:18). "Then I will put in the mouth of all the peoples of clear speech, and people will call on the name of the Lord and serve him together" (Tsfanya, 3: 9).

The prophecy of Zechariah says: "And it shall be in all the land, - the word of the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off and die, but the third shall be left in it." The Midrash explains that the third part - it is the Jews, and it turns out that two-thirds of the population will die in the future, that is, people of the world.

From this it follows that a comment Even-Ezra agrees with the prophecy of Zechariah.

But how can it be that the prophecy of Zechariah is contrary to the rest of the prophecy, according to which the peoples of the world will remain in the future?

The Talmud (Tractate "Sanhedrin" 111a) is a dispute of the wise, how to understand the word "third shall be left in it." One sage Resh-Lakish says that a third - a third of the Shema, and Rabbi Yochanan objected to it and says it is the third part of Noah.

There are commentators who believe that in the opinion of Rabbi Yochanan peoples of the world are included in the third part, which will remain on the ground. But it is difficult to accept, as most commentators think that says about the Jews. In addition, in accordance with all the explanations, Resch-Lakish argues that in the future will remain the world's peoples.

Now let us turn to the legislative part of the Torah.

The Rambam writes in "Laws of Kings", that Moshiach "fix the world and all together will serve Gd." After that Rambam gives Yeshayahu's prophecy: "And the wolf shall dwell near the sheep and the leopard shall lie down with the lamb ranks of" the meaning of which is that Israel will live in peace with non-Jews.

These actions Moshiach to rectify the world, not only are the signs by which we can recognize it, and this is important, and before the arrival of Moshiach according to what the Rambam writes: "ordered HaShem through Moshe Rabbeinu to force the whole world to take all the commandments, which were given to Noah. " And as Moshiach will have to fix the whole world is making people of the world respect the 7 Noahide commandments, we prepare the coming of Moshiach.

To understand this, consider the words "two parts therein shall be cut off." How can it be that all the people will die in the future, because "Good Gd for all His mercy on all his creations"?

Although we see that in the past there have been occasions when the Almighty was going to destroy the world's population ( "The end of all flesh has come ... that I might destroy them with the earth", "And He erased all things that the earth's surface"), but this was due the fact that "the earth was filled with falsehood" and "all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth."

But the words of the prophecy is clear that there is no mention of punishing criminals among the peoples of the world, and the destruction of all mankind, including the "pious among the peoples of the world" who observe the 7 Noahide Commandments.

Furthermore, when we talk about punishment in the past, that meant the expulsion of the time, when the world was covered with darkness. But in the future, when all will see the light of the Most High, which you need to destroy the nations of the world?

It could be assumed that it is not about the physical extermination, and that in the future people of the world will cease to procreate and die by themselves. It is known that the power of procreation given by the Most High, and the man himself does not possess this power.

But this explanation is unacceptable, since after the future "all together will serve Gd" is not clear for what reason the Almighty will deprive the people of the world powers of procreation. In addition, there is ample evidence that the peoples of the world will remain.

Hence it must be concluded that all the explanation that in the future people of the world will disappear from the face of the earth can not be taken literally. And the argument about how many people will need to be understood as an explanation of how it will happen.

After the onset of release, when will the disclosure of the Almighty in the world, the evil will disappear completely from the face of the earth. And it is clear that there will be neither villains nor opponents of the Creator among the peoples of the world.

But since the Liberation will come mainly for the Jews, it should be noted that the change of state of the world is associated with the release of the Jews. This corresponds to the fact that the creation of the world has happened to the Jews.

And so it should be understood sages dispute: whether the peoples of the world will experience for themselves the Liberation as a consequence of the Liberation of the Jews, or they will feel the Liberation as his own.

Under the first approach, Exemption for Jews only happen in the world - that Jews could learn Torah and observe the commandments perfectly. Therefore not enough to stop the oppression of the people against the Jews, and the whole world needs to be corrected and then it will be a good place for Jews.

We can also assume that the exemption is relevant to the entire world, not just a part of the liberation of the Jews. That is, all over the world, in every detail, it will be seen that the intention of the Creator at its creation was to purify the world.

Now it becomes clear that, in accordance with these two approaches can explain the meaning of the phrase "will crush all the children of Sheth."

In accordance with the first approach, according to which the exemption for Jews only happen in the world, it turns out that the existence of the peoples of the world as such ceases - "shall be cut off and die." And not only as nations and as individuals.

But according to the second approach, according to which the exemption relates to the world, it turns out that in the future will remain the world's peoples and their existence ceases.

in this matter the law establishes Rambam, which adheres to the second approach. This is evident also from the words of the Rambam that "everyone who took over the Seven Commandments and punctually performs them, belongs to the righteous people of the world and has a share in the next world; but only if he took them and performs because it is commanded in the Torah, Gd, let us know by Moshe Rabbeinu. " That is, during the Torah there was a change in the performance of 7 Commandments (which were known before). This change is that the peoples of the world have become significant in themselves, and were able to earn a share in the future world.

And it says the Alter Rebbe "Tanya" (36 head): "... then it will be cleaned the material side of the body and the world, and they will be able to clear the light of the Most High, which will give light to the Jews through the Torah and the predominance of reflection of the light that shines Jews It will shine as the darkness of the world. "

When in the future will reveal the truth of the Almighty in the world, all creatures feel it in the world - understand that there is no existence. It stated that Moshiach "will crush all the children of Sheth" - it will show them that their existence - nothing; He will break their shell and make them a receptacle for making light of the Most High.

I should add that when Hashem will rule over the whole earth, is the difference between Jews and peoples of the world. All creatures in the world, including the nations of the world are beings who created the Supreme Rambam writes: "All creatures in heaven and on earth, as well as between them, do not exist otherwise than by virtue of the truth of his existence." But as for the Jews, it is said about them: "Jews and Gd are one."