How to do when bought kosher fish, such as salty herring (so often, any fish) appears with parasites (worms) that is detected during cutting it?


St. Petersburg

Practice shows that the worms are found in many species of fish. And nekashernyh, by the way - even more often than in kosher.

In discussing this issue in the Talmud (Tractate Hullin, sheet 67), our teachers come to the conclusion that if the worms were born in the fish's body and will never leave (with all our natural aversion to it) - to use such fish food It is not prohibited.

Another thing is, as noted by the teachers - if the worms were born in the water (or land), and then hit the fish and "settled" within its meat, organs or skin. Eating fish such worms - it is strictly prohibited.

And further. If it is known that some fish are found worms eat it without proper validation - it is impossible.

These findings Teachers are reflected in the relevant law (halacha), established by the Rambam (rabiMoshe ben Maimon, the great teacher, commentator of the Mishnah and the compiler of the full Code of Jewish Law Mishneh Torah, Spain - Egypt, 12th century). And also - in the Shulchan Aruch.

Worms and parasites can be detected on the skin of the fish outside. They lived in the water, but met the right fish, have decided to tie the rest of his life with her. These worms in the food we - are prohibited.

Sometimes the fish, along with water and can swallow several small worms. They often fall into the fish's head, causing problems lovers feast on the contents of the fish heads.

Some fish swallowed worms and parasites render habitable abdomen and extend into the inside. All of them - is strictly forbidden to eat. He who eats them - violates the prohibition just four of the Torah.

Therefore, initially the best place to buy fish that have received special treatment in an industrial environment, under the supervision of specialists of Kashrut. kosher certificate -in some extent ensures that the fish does not contain worms and parasites, forbidden us to halakha.

Now - a few practical guidelines for when you can not buy fish from certified kosher, and testing is necessary to carry out on their own.

In recent years, worms and parasites that live between the scales and skin of fish, especially chosen fish of the salmon family, and quite often found in them.

How to get rid of them?

It is best to clean the fish, not only on the scales, but also on the skin. If the skin is difficult to remove - need by getting rid of the scales, carefully, from all sides, rinse the fish skin, using a brush and scraper.

It is known that parasites are often found on the skin of the Norwegian sea bass. And get rid of them on their own, at home - is very difficult. Therefore, do not pokupatetu fish, if there is no kosher certificate, certifying that it has undergone an appropriate verification.

The same can be said about the carp.

As mentioned above, parasites can live in the fish belly and inside. Therefore, after the fish (if purchased without a kosher certificate) thoroughly cleaned out, it is necessary to cut, gut and rinse well inside.

Then, you should carefully examine its internal cavity and the space along the spine - to see if there was thin worms tangled in coils, like snakes. If these "balls" found - they need to scrape a knife and carefully wash the inner cavity. Then check - whether all the worms are removed.

If there is no certainty that the worms in fish anymore - the procedure is better to repeat.

It is important to know that in the minds of marine fish worms settle less than that of freshwater fish. So fans of fish heads is better not to eat freshwater fish, if it has not passed the appropriate industrial processing and verification.

Head sea fish after removal of the gills should be cut, wash and examine for the presence of worms and parasites.

As for the eggs of marine and freshwater fish - then the reverse situation. Parasites and worms are much more common in the calf inhabitants of the seas. Therefore, if the calf is not kosher certificate of standard pattern - purchase and there should not be.

Norwegian salmon roe grown in industrial conditions, usually from pure parasites. The same can be said about the eggs of freshwater fish grown in special basins.

Worms that live in the fish's body, as has been said - do not create problems with kashrut, if they were born in the fish, and it never left. But because they do not always have the opportunity to check the birth certificate and the registration of each fish a worm, it is best to refrain from eating fish to catch and / or the class of which it is known that they often come across worms.

Lyricist Mordechai Weitz