Is it possible to tackle corruption?

When my neighbor walking friends, and then he says, where and by whom they work (tax, customs, SBU), I doubt it.

They are, by definition, can not open the case on one another.

When my family member comes home for the customs officer salary in an envelope. I do not believe it.

A world without corruption - a utopia?

Of course it is difficult to imagine what temptations from bureaucrats when he sticks like a leech to the trough.

In China, they periodically shoot, but as time has shown - the number is not affected.


We so often hear about cases of corruption that the disease seems to have incurable. Although the whole police departments are working in many countries to combat corruption, and it is there, in these countries - does not disappear.

Is there a fundamental difference between the pickpockets who stole $ 10, and an officer who stole a million? In fact - no. Would have the opportunity to pickpocket to steal a million, he probably would have done it. Officials - not aliens, they are all or the majority, were once ordinary people "of the people."

root of the problem - that we live in an uncorrected world. Without going into too much detail, I will say that the failure that occurred in the spiritual worlds, the root has spawned a "space of self-centeredness." Gd created our world and man, giving us the task to correct this problem. Every soul that comes into the terrestrial world contains a piece of the global problem. Therefore, a priori, self-centeredness, to a greater or lesser extent - is inherent in all people.

And as a result - egocentric believes that the whole world is there for him, and therefore all must "serve" him, etc. At the same time, of course, the vast majority of people and would never steal something.

Egocentrism can be expressed in the disdainful attitude towards others, ingratitude, and sometimes - in arrogance, etc.

Often selfishness is expressed in the pursuit of profit at the expense of others. Sometimes - passive, and sometimes - active, that turns into a banal theft. Next - "how lucky". One customer took the money, carelessly and poorly executing the work, and the other takes a bribe, the third - divides the state budget without offending you. Amounts there are huge, invisible in the amount of interest can be folded in fabulous condition. Except for a small number of idealists, did most of the "servants of the people" eager for power only in order to serve the people?

Affairs at each other open up a lot. Because resources are limited, and human appetites - insatiable. Accounts, clearing his way - "clean competition." Factories and inflating the case for government officials - neutralize them. Indeed, under public scrutiny - it is difficult to "turn around."

In the former Soviet Union, many ministers and generals were exiled to Siberia, executed for "treason", etc. Under Stalin, many of those in the 20-30-ies of the last century sacrificed "for the sake of communism" - killed on false charges. Thus, the authorities removed the people who could prevent the establishment of a tyrannical dictatorship, or at least - to demand their legitimate "piece of cake".

In developed countries, less corruption than in Ukraine, but the absolute purity of nowhere. Yes, and can not be, for the above reason.

You write that you do not believe in the eradication of corruption. Many of you, I believe - agree. Given the fact that the quest for profit - fundamental property inherent in the essence of the human soul can indeed seem, the situation - a dead-end.

However, in a world created by God - no nonsense. He would not have created a world in which there would be no other destiny but - self-destruction. And it was on this doomed society, where man to man - the wolf.

Therefore, the Creator has given the opportunity to rectify the situation, "fix" the spiritual worlds and souls, to get rid of egocentrism.

He gave the Jewish people the Torah contains 613 commandments for Jews and 7 - for non-Jews. Comply with the law of the Most High, in practice, the soul is gradually emerging from the swamp of self-centeredness. And the ultimate goal, to which the Jewish people will come and with it the whole of humanity - repairing the world as a whole.

In the case of theft, everything depends, in the end, in the absence of awe Heaven (yirat shaman), and conscientiousness. Any protection created by one person, can be broken by another. Therefore, sooner or later, people will be able to get around all the obstacles and stay alone with other people's money. And then it can only stop the inner conscientiousness and awareness that God sees everything, in awe of him, or at least the fear of God's punishment.

Otherwise - no laws will not solve the problem completely. And "shootings" - too. After all, there are always people ready to take risks for the sake of money, even lives.

The solution can be - only root. The increase of spirituality in the world leads to the fact that in the air, so to speak - "hovering" over the truths of heaven and the souls of the people perceive it.

This feeling manifests itself, in particular, and that all have a larger number of people - among them, and those who have not yet turned to the Creator and does not live according to His laws, wakes conscientiousness and gradually takes more and more place in their minds and hearts. Appears, even on an intuitive level, the understanding of how to act and how - it is impossible.

Lyricist Chaim Ackerman