I agree, and I believe that there is a Gd, but the fact that he is, does not help me to endure many painful and endless problems and diseases - they have no end.

A feeling that he specifically make fun of me, to let me finish. Where is His justice?

I have only this meal increasingly enrage against him, and the "relationship" with him no joy.

Generally, expand your question, we must believe that Gd is good, but can you prove it logically, given that so much evil and mischief from him (directly or indirectly) occur?

After all, if he is not good, then, by definition, on this basis, and can not be perfect!

I personally believe (and I know that what I say sounds heretical) that the relationship with the Almighty, by itself, is meaningless if it does not lead to a noticeable positive towards me with his hand.


Columbus, USA

First of all, it is useful, in my opinion, to analyze the text of your letter, because it opened the fundamental problems. You, for example, exactly formulated egocentric position - a man who believes that the whole world "revolves" around him. This usually implies that all he owe something. Hence, in turn, derives "grading system". One of whom can benefit - the "good"; respectively, one of which egomaniac gets nothing, is listed in the "bad" category.

"Communication with the Almighty is meaningless - you write - if not lead to a noticeable positive towards me." In other words - if he does not "ministered" to me, as I want to, it does not solve my problem and does not add to the comfort of my life.

Do you believe that the very fact that you believe in Him (and it could not "believe"!), You have made the Most High "big favor" - is that he is now obliged to solve your problems? And if he does not "help (as you write, etc.) carry a lot of agonizing and endless problems", it means that he - not "fair"?

I think it is clear what I am saying all this is absolutely not to offend you, but - for the sole purpose: to try to identify as accurately as possible without embellishing her problem. Right question, as it is known - is half the answer.

Consumer attitude can penetrate deep into the soul and manifest itself not only in relation to God, but also in relations with others. On an intuitive level, people feel it is responsible "consumer" in the same. Not specifically, but - subconsciously.

As a rule, the environment does not show much interest in the person who applies to other consumer. After all, if someone talks to me only because of him I need something, why should I spend it on their time and energy?

This phenomenon in our world, unfortunately - are not uncommon. Very often a person who lives in the "jungle" of a large multi-million city - feels lonely. Treat others as a potential source of benefits, it attracts the same attitude. And no, he is not interested. Because of his other - not interested. In the modern Western world, the question "how are you", often used as a greeting, and does not require an answer.

Gradually, a person is immersed in loneliness, dissatisfaction. And a constant search begins "blame" (for it seems to him that his problems someone he is not - to blame). That, of course - does not help, on the contrary - more embitters against others ...

Perhaps your problem should push you to believe that the Almighty "handouts" - not needed.

But where are all the same to look for solutions to these problems?

Try not to think about what you can get from others, but - of what you can be useful to them. To do this, open your eyes wider and did not dwell on yourself - look around carefully scrutinizing the people. And you will see that in other life - no less complicated. And maybe - even more difficult than you. That all people - their problems. All sick. Someone - less than you, someone - a lot more.

You have nothing to write about myself. However, in the spirit of the letter it gives the impression that you are relatively young, and probably still can not imagine how difficult it is to cope with the same challenges (health, income, etc.) when you are responsible for family and children.

Ask how people live around you - and you will see that most, shall we say. "Do not walk on the red carpet, strewn with rose petals."

When you see the difficulties faced by the surrounding - you will see what you can to help them. Of course - according to your own strength, time, opportunities, mental, physical and or financial.

Of course, to remake itself - is very, very not easy. This job requires a certain fortitude, perseverance, perseverance, patience, and often - creative approach to resolve the prevailing situations.

In any case, if there are setbacks - try not to despair, do not lose heart and do not give up. With that in mind and understanding that to get rid of old habits - is not easy. From time to time they will be felt. For example - "Boring" from the inside, in addition to the will, the question - "What is the benefit to me to invest time and energy to help someone?"

Actually, no. If you think about the immediate material benefit. But what is this momentary advantage - compared with the fact that by helping others, a person purifies and clarifies his own soul? And because of this he stands spiritually. Such, at any price - you can not buy.

But back to your writing.

The main question in it - about the relationship with the Almighty. However, here, the emphasis in the text response has moved to a different face on the relationship between people. And this is done, I admit - consciously. After all, the Almighty for us in many ways - "abstraction", and the people around us - it is quite specific. And as long as people do not learn to communicate with the people around him - he does not learn to "communicate" with the Almighty.

One of the commandments of the Torah - to love the Creator, in fact, it would seem impossible. After all, he - inaccessible and incomprehensible, no one sees or hears.

However, the path to fulfill this commandment is through the love of the Torah teachers, the Jews and the Jewish people. And it is in the practical implementation - has clear outlines.

When you stand on this road - you will see a lot of sense in connection with the Almighty. And, regardless of your problems will be solved or not. Because the meaning of human life - not in solving urgent problems (which have always been and always will be), but - to increase the Light of the Most High through the approach of the Jews to the Creator, the implementation of the commandments of the Torah and the implementation of good deeds.

Domestic difficulties are given to us to overcome them, we become stronger, wiser. So we were able to constantly, despite the obstacles - business to confirm its commitment to the Creator.

When you are aware of all this - the world "will play" for you a variety of new colors, which today you have not yet seen ...

Lyricist Chaim Ackerman