Hello! I would like to clarify the prohibition of "cooking after cooking" on Shabbat. Is it possible to heat the dry food, such as empanadas, putting them in the pan and put the pan on the board? Thank you very much in advance! N.

Meets Rabbi Jacob Schub

Dear N.,

Thank you very much for contacting us. If empanadas were fully ready for consumption until Saturday, they are not covered by the prohibition of cooking, however, reheat them on Saturday on the board will be possible only in a certain way, which we describe below.

To answer your question, it is necessary to understand the two themes:

1. Will a ban on cooking empanadas?

2. Even if the prohibition of cooking pancakes does not apply, if allowed to put them on an electric charge on Saturday?

Let's try to briefly make out those issues.

1. One of the 39 works that are prohibited by the Torah on Saturday, is cooking. However, this prohibition does not apply to products that have already been fully prepared for consumption until Saturday. In other words, we can say that there is no prohibition "cooking after cooking."

It is important to note that this rule applies only to the dry ingredients. The reason is that subsequent cooking does not have a significant positive impact on such a product, because, as mentioned above, we are talking about a product that was ready to eat until Saturday. Therefore, there is no violation of the prohibition of cooking - and allowed to warm dry product on Saturday, even if it is completely cool.

Is it possible to warm up on a Saturday or a liquid containing a liquid product, which is totally cool? On this issue, the views of the Rishonim (Talmudic commentators ages 10-15) were divided. Ultimately, the law determined in accordance with the following opinion: on liquid products covered by the prohibition of "cooking after cooking." The reason is that for the liquid products, in contrast to dry, the temperature is very important. Therefore, when the liquid has cooled, it is believed that the impact of the first brewing has stopped completely, and reheat it again on Saturday - is tantamount to a new cooking.

Therefore, the heat can not be Saturday, for example, cooled soup, liquid cholent etc. - it will be considered cooking. According Shulkhan Aruch (Orach Chaim 318: 4) prohibition come into force as soon as the fluid temperature falls below yad soledet bo (temperature, when a hand inadvertently drawn aside when touched). According to Rameau ban comes into force, if the fluid has cooled completely (ie, it will no longer be eaten as hot).

It turns out that, as the empanadas are considered dry product, in terms of cooking there is no problem reheat them on Saturday if they were fully ready until Saturday.

2. Even pancakes, which, as we discovered, is not covered by the prohibition of cooking, you can warm up on Saturday only in an authorized manner.

The problem is that the sages have forbidden to put on the fire (even covered) food that was not on fire on Saturday, even though it was completely cooked through Saturday and is not covered by the prohibition of cooking from the Torah. The sages have banned it for the following reason. When a person, for example, pulls on Saturday from the refrigerator food and puts it on the fire, it's like cooking (mihzey ke mevashel). Therefore, the wise men feared: ultimately it could lead to the fact that people will start on Saturday to put on the fire, not only cooked dry products, which, as mentioned above, does not apply to cooking ban, but not cooked products, which will lead to a breach of the ban Torah - the prohibition of cooking on Saturday.

To avoid violation of this prohibition sages and warm pancakes on Saturday, there are two ways:

1. Place the pancakes in a pan of food that is on fire, or on the cover of hot pot Sabbath (Shulchan Aruch 253: 5). Because in this way people usually do not cook the food, it's not like cooking and would not be a violation of the prohibition of Zion (mihzey ke mevashel).

2. Some galahisty allowed to put the pancakes on the upturned empty pots, plates or aluminum pan, which are on the board (Shmirat Shabbat Ke-Ilhata, new edition, 1:44). Electric board in this case is covered with fire (garuf ve katum), and an inverted pan solves the problem of "similarity-cooking" (ke-mihzey mevashel) because this way people do not usually cook, this does not look like brew.

So, empanadas can be reheated on Saturday one of the following methods.

Sincerely, Jacob Schub