How do I find like-minded people who will support me in everything?

I've had a difficult relationship with his parents since childhood, they are almost never kept me in anything. I do have a very good friend from childhood friends, but he is now in Germany, to study, it is in Belarus, but not more than 3 months in a year. And make friends with anyone, do not want to. Also, check the time friends.

Tell me what to do?


Minsk, Belarus

You express sound and right thoughts. Indeed, "make friends with anyone" - should not be. It is also true that the "friends check time."

In this case, your letter clearly visible confusion and there is even a certain pessimism.

I try, as their forces and capabilities - to help you get out of this state, changing it to a more constructive attitude.

Of course, the acquisition of friends, like-minded people - it is very difficult, requires, first of all, quite clear understanding, on which are built to truly friendly relations between people.

And just at this at you, judging by the contents of the letter - no need clarity.

"How do I find like-minded people - you write - who will support me in everything?". And then - "they (the parents) are almost never supported me in anything."

With your words, it turns out that the basis of friendly relations - when you support.

Undoubtedly, the support - is one of the constituent elements of the concept of "friendship". But if someone in some way supports you - it does not mean that he wants to be friends with you. On the other hand - it can be your true friend and soul mate.

In order to bring you to the goal (to find like-minded friends), I would advise you to start to try to change the atmosphere around you. And above all - think over what you may be interesting to people who surround you. Ask yourself whether you have internal "reserves" warmth that you are willing to share with the person who will be your soul mate? How much are you able to reveal to the other this potential, which includes a genuine desire to understand people, sympathize, empathize with them. And if such a building you do not feel in yourself - so we have to work hard to create it. So that not only you feel a sincere, warm emotional impulses, but other people notice their symptoms.

When a person is interested in others and in it there is the capacity for intimacy - around him, as a rule, formed the "magnetic field" that attracts people to him.

Of course, not everyone who reaches for you - can, as you write, and to become your friends. But the likelihood of real friends in this atmosphere - significant increase.

Lyricist Eliyahu Eliyahu Essas