Good day, dear Rabbi.

God sent me to test intolerable, incessant years of pain and immobility. Probably in my behavior and Hashem (Gd) saw some significant error.

However, the Most High, of course, knows that no, even deadly, the test does not make me give up the struggle and surrender. But in this case my mortal pain meaningless and pointless - they did not break my will power and love for life.

Rabbi, what then is the spiritual meaning of what is happening? Please explain me.



Your argument - some erroneous assumptions.

1. "Probably in my behavior and Hashem (Gd) saw some significant error."

Suffering, of course, may be the result of improper actions of man. But it is impossible to exclude the possibility that they sent down a particular individual with a view to the future, he immediately fell into a very tall and beautiful worlds. That is, at this stage - for the "purification", without which such an instant transition is impossible.

In addition, the suffering can sharpen a person in a conscious sense of the impermanence of life or - push it to ensure that it is otherwise build its "scale of values", bringing it closer to the truth.

2. "The Almighty will surely knows that no, even deadly, the test does not make me give up the struggle and surrender."

Why do you think that He gives only a test to check a broken man or not? More precisely - why the meaning and purpose of the test must be exactly in this area (see paragraph 1).?

3. "But in this case my mortal pain meaningless and purposeless."

What kind of "this case" in question? We can not specify and define. After all, what was said in paragraph 1 - also does not cover the whole range of reasons why a person is sick or experiencing torment.

In the Tanakh it says about it: "For My thoughts - not your thoughts, and your ways (mental structures of the human mind and his plans) - are not my ways" (the book of the prophet Yeshayahu, Chapter 55, Article 8..).

That is, we can not understand why one person suffers, and the other - no.

But how do we then refer to the events of our lives? Does it teach us anything, if we are unable to understand the reasons for what is happening to us?

Yes, we do not know why my life was going one way and not another. But we can, based on the specific situation on a daily basis (at least five minutes a day) to reflect on the fact that in this particular situation, in which he put us can do for the Creator. What kind of assistance we can provide in the implementation of its stated objectives in front of us - Tikkun Olam (correction of the spiritual state in which the world and each of us).

This is the spiritual meaning of what is happening, what you are, in fact, ask.

Everything said in this answer is not designed for comfort. Although suffering consolation - a worthy and noble goal, I here set myself a task: to lift you even higher and open to you additional opportunities for spiritual work. For even one word of prayer is the one person to the Creator of the world, can change the world.

Write - "raise still higher," because I understand that your steadfastness and courage in dealing with excruciating disease - have already raised you on a high spiritual level. And I want to help you achieve even greater heights ... That does not contradict the wishes of a speedy recovery.

Lyricist Eliyahu Eliyahu Essas