I have long been tormented by the question, why stick to orthodox religious rules and restrictions, because often they become a hindrance to leading a normal life in today's globalized society. Even when referring to the history it becomes clear that often the Jews could settle down and achieve success, taking a foreign culture (and even someone else's religion), that seems to be contrary to what is stated in the Torah. Regards, Oleg.

Meets Rabbi Elyakim Zalkind

Dear Oleg,

In truth, your question is very strange. After all, so you can ask why to be honest and decent man. After all, the one who "if necessary" know how profitable to cheat, and sometimes betray their principles, or, even easier, they are not often better arranged life. And if he sometimes knows how to steal the lives usually richer. Etc.

But the criterion of our conduct is no longer arranged by the existence of, and adherence to the truth. After all, the Creator of the world has given us these laws that we live by them and we took them to be executed and, then, performs. What here can torment? And the fact that sometimes it is, as you say, does not quite fit in the "globalized" society, so what? If society does not know the laws upon which the universe and are revealed to us who made him - as they say, it's not our problem, but a problem of society. After all, there were many companies in the history of the world that have already disappeared, withered or lost, and took off his mask and welfare of humanity - we continue to live by our laws, as the Lord wants the world and we have promised him.

Thus, everything depends on the terms of reference, to answer the question: Who am I? What I am looking for? Why am I here? If the basis of all - profitable dispensation, convenience, success in this world - indeed, the commandments and the foundations may seem a "hindrance." But if a person is looking for the truth, the meaning does not disappear with the burial, looking for a real source and the idea and finds them if aware that he is - something more than the body, and "culture" - then he up to meet the sometimes "inconvenience" seemingly another obstacle. However, the person taking the decision about who he should know that if he chooses just this world - no longer receive. If we choose the right, a deep source and essence - will find them. Throughout the "measure for measure".

But, besides all this, the very notion of a conflict between the full respect of our traditions and life in the modern world is greatly exaggerated. Indeed, orthodox Jews in all developed countries - representatives of numerous spheres of activity and professions: teachers, doctors, scientists, designers, programmers, businessmen, lawyers, artists, musicians, writers, etc., as well as rabbis, scholars, teachers and students of the Torah Torah.

From what you say about the "lessons" of history, and it is difficult to accept. On the contrary, throughout the history of the Jewish people, living among other peoples over 3,500 years, since the arrival of the family forefather Jacob to Egypt and to the present day, we see the same thing: if the Jews kept their faith - are respected, and even if There comes a time of persecution - were rescued. But if you tried to assimilate - in the end turned out to be hated, they were persecuted and killed. In Egypt, the Egyptians gratitude to the Jews was replaced by persecution and enslavement - after the abolition of circumcision; in the days of the prophets the Jews were oppressed nations round about every time tended to idolatry; in Persian - see the events leading up to Purim.. It was the same in-exile. In Spain, the Inquisition hunted down and subjected to cruel executions of those who gave up their faith. And so on, up to the Holocaust, the seeds of which were sown reform ideology, the movement of "initiation" to the culture of "enlightened" nations. (The disaster has passed east of the country in which the vast majority of Jews remained faithful to their traditions).

Torah, tradition - the source of our vitality and strength, and if, Gd forbid, the Jews left the source, became like a tree uprooted, land and water. When we are faithful to God, He saves us and even swiping through the test, and stores leads to the true purpose.

Sincerely, Elyakim Zalkind

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