My daughter has Down syndrome. Does it have a hope for the world to come?

Meets Rabbi Zeev Urman


Thank you for your question. It is not clear what led you to doubt that a child born with Down syndrome, there is a portion in the world to come? It would be logical to assume the opposite - it is always the limitations of "reserves" more space for the spiritual in the material world! The presence of congenital anomalies is not a tragic accident. Down syndrome is called the view of genetic abnormalities, but mistakes the Almighty (including in the number of chromosomes) does not happen. baby shower, born with Down syndrome (and other mental disabilities), comes into this world to fulfill a particular purpose. To pass tough correction (tikun). And even if certain restrictions on your child in the outside world does not give him the opportunity to perform many commands, and can be, and did cancel the obligation to comply with the mitzvot. But, on the other hand, protects it from violating the law - and in relation to God and to humans.

In the book, Chef Tal Rabbi Moshe Cordovero writes: "Mutilation of the body that are visible defects, evidence of hidden flaws in the human soul that has caused damage to the spiritual world of sin. Consequently, the Upper Light, which harmed no energy infuses life into the appropriate spiritual authority (part of) the soul that dwells in this body. Therefore, a person is born with a corresponding body injury. And this is the reason that the priests, who had injury excluded from service in the temple, for the open bodily deficiencies are evidence of the hidden defects of the soul that sinned. And do not ask me about the holders of congenital physical defects for these souls - the next incarnation, and they sinned and caused themselves a flaw, when they were in the world before. "

It is clear that the suffering caused by these anomalies do not pass without a trace, they perform a cleansing, redeeming feature.

It turns out, in regard to the world to come, your child is in an even better position than others. Soul "regulations" of people coming into this world, are subject to various temptations and not "immune" from the fall of the soul as your daughter goes cleansing, and daughter deprived of the opportunity to commit any offense.

Good luck! Zeev Urman