What is true and what is false?

We were brought up in such a way that the answer seems simple. True - this is when transmitting the facts as they are. A lie, respectively, - distortion of the facts.

But - just in theory. In fact, such a simplistic view is incorrect. Sometimes you can not directly tell the truth, pointing neighbor, just like that, simply and without special needs, his flaw. Often have to soften and change when truthfulness is not only not help, but, on the contrary, hurt. For in such cases, what seems true, would be a lie, because evil breeds. Or vice versa - what seemingly looks like a lie, leads a person to the truth.

It turns out that the truth - this is what leads to good and execution of the Will of the Creator. Lies well - that is all that leads to the success of the Sitra Achra (lit. "Other Side"), ie begets evil.

Hence - a disappointing conclusion: the man who poisoned evil thoughts that the whole under the authority of material concerns, is not able to discern a lie, and where, it is true. This man - a blind man, everything is distorted his momentary ego.

Not for nothing is said (Tsfaniya, 3): "The remnant of Israel will not do the abomination, and not utter falsehood." It is those who are called "remnant" of Israel - and no one else. Only those who flings material deprivation in last place, "in the balance", as a third-rate thing, and the main thing for them - the spiritual achievements, but these people have feeling for the truth, and they are clean of "falsehoods and distortions."

Those who put at the heart of falsehood and evil, if sometimes manage to fit the facts - and even then they think all the spoils, turning truth into a lie. For "true" are specifically their primary deceptive nature. And it turns out that everything they have - a lie.

That is what the Creator said to Isaac, when Jacob, the younger son, received his father's blessing by cunning, he departed, and went Esau. "And Isaac trembled a great trembling ...", so that the walls of the hot steel - Yitzhak realized that there was a fraud, and asked: "Who is it ...?" That is, who is responsible for this deception? Yakov whether that made a "representation"? Or he himself, Isaac, having learned "the voice, the voice of Jacob!", But the heart agreeing to deception. It told him the Creator: "You and James are not to blame. All the blame on the person who "catches prey" - to Esau. You just everything back into place, you have corrected the lies created Esau by deceiving his father, leading him righteous speech and committing crimes behind him. [1]

Moreover, not only the "ordinary" case count villain evil because of his corrupt nature, but even those of his actions, which appear righteous. For all that is not making a villain, all wear clothes of its low point.

What does it look like? The person who found the road forgotten someone things. He raised them, went to a nearby town and began to shout: "Whose is the one who lost?" They gather around people, praising him and say: "What he done what the righteous! Let us put it himself head! " No sooner said than done. A year passes, two, three - and on the site of the city - the ruins. "The righteous" was the villain who sold the city and residents of strangers and play with the "return loss", was the only lure - to attract the hearts and seize power.

Such is the nature of the villain. His righteousness - the hypocrisy, which has already hidden the ultimate, villainous goal, that is, his "good" act - from the beginning - a lie.

Jacob our forefather, has committed "fraud" by making it under duress, without an iota since his own benefit, just fulfilling what was desired by the Creator. And such a "lie" in these conditions, and this was true.

The real source of the lie was Esau - the founder of the "hypocrisy of the theory of" acting to this day. Esau, who asked publicly "tithe" of straw and salt, and secretly commits the most heinous of sins. Esau, "who keeps the family tradition" in his forties searching for a wife "a decent game," and at the same time reinforces the custom when you can do after the abominations, though remaining "decent man", avoidant scandals. This "gentleman" - from head to toe - a pack of lies, and all that he did, everything - just tools for his false life, which is all - fiction. And because the Creator - not liars, that exposes their lies, robs "welding". And with Esau, the Creator takes his blessing, and because of that Isaac our forefather, exclaims, confirming the righteousness of Jacob: "So let it be blessed."

According to the book Rabbi Eliyahu Eliezer Deslera "Michtav Eliyahu E", Volume 1, p.94.