When Jacob quickly walked away from Laban, along with their wives and children, who caught-in-law and said that someone from his family stole his idols.

Our forefather Yaakov protested and threw it into the hearts of the sentence: someone has stolen - not to live! (Wanting to say that the thieves in his family there.)

And Rachel died.

So it is written in Rashi.

Hafetz Hayim from this history lesson made. It turns out that Jacob realized after his wife's death, the cause of her death were his careless words. And I made a vow - never one not to curse.

Therefore, when I heard the distant and out of favor with the Jews Egyptian ruler arrested his son Simon, saying that free him, only when his will his other son, Benjamin, - when Yaakov heard about it, he's not cursed anti-Semitic ruler, and said sons softly: go to him with Benjamin, Gd will provide you with mercy.

But if the curse - to become a murderer Joseph, your pet (khas veshalah).

This comment led admor of Gur, Rabbi Yisrael Alter (author of "Beit Yisrael"), when asked his disciples (given in the book "Peer of Israel", chapter 17): why Joseph was not afraid, oppressing their brethren, when they came to Egypt for grain, and it was not known to them - why are not afraid of the curse of Jacob, a righteous man, who can curse him as soon as he retell the affairs of the ruler against his sons?

I asked - and he said, referring to the Hafetz Haim.