"Kitsur Shulchan Aruch" by Shlomo Ganzfried

The compiler of this Kitsura Kitsura Luba Ahuva Petrushanskaya

1.gl.145, par.8. Neuchonomu Jew should not marry the daughter of kohena since their marriage will fail. And to those for whom this feature is important, it should not take as wife a woman, whose name is the same as her mother.

2.gl.145, par.10. You should always take care to respect for his wife, because the family blessing from heaven for the sake of his wife.


1.gl.145, par.11. It is forbidden to live with his wife even an hour without a ketubah. And if Ktuba lost, should immediately go to a rabbinical court and write a new ketubah.

2.gl.145, par.12. Banned women priests to 4: divorced, depraved, defiled, and Halutz (ie women spend rite Chalitza).