"Kitsur Shulchan Aruch" by Shlomo Ganzfried.

The compiler of this Kitsura Kitsura Luba Ahuva Petrushanskaya.

1.gl.145, par.23. A woman with whom divorced her husband because of her depraved behavior, kosher person should not take wives.

2.gl.145, par.24. If a woman has a bad temper, she is inclined to quarrel and behaves humbly as kosher daughter of Israel, -zapoved required to divorce her, even if we are talking about a first marriage.


1.gl.145, par.26. It is forbidden to organize 2 wedding two sisters in one day, because they do not mix one joy with another.

2.gl.146, par.1. It is taken to the bride and groom fast on their wedding day, because on that day they are forgiven of their sins.


1.gl.147, par.1. Chupa decided to organize an open-air, to remind them of the blessing: "So will yours, as the stars of heaven offspring.

2.gl.147, par.1. It made sure to marry at the full moon, so it was a good sign.