"Kitsur Shulchan Aruch" by Shlomo Ganzfried

The compiler of this Kitsura Kitsura Luba Ahuva Petrushansky.

1.gl.149, par.11. Some accepted, if the groom during the seven days of the holiday feast was unclean, then, on the day of its immersion in the mikvah also arrange a meal and invite others.

2.gl.150, par.1. Befits a man to accustom himself in moments of sexual intimacy exercise utmost holiness, purity of mind and peace of mind.


1. gl.150, par.1. It is necessary to talk with his wife during sexual intercourse time, as well as to her only what is necessary for its implementation.

2.gl.150, par.1. To carry out sexual intimacy should be with the utmost modesty.