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Chapter Summary "Matot"

Bemidbar (Numbers) 30: 2-32: 42

At the beginning of the chapter "Matot" Moses explains the laws of vows and oaths, especially for women when their father or husband has the right to cancel their oath and when not.

Then begins the war against midyanityan. The militia of 12,000 people (a thousand from each tribe) crushed the enemy, killing five midyanskih kings, all the men and the sorcerer Balaam, who tried previously to curse the Jews. Moshe condemns commanders because they had saved alive of women, the main culprits of immoral conduct of the sons of Israel.

After counting and distribution of the spoils of war commanders of thousands and hundreds of reports Moshe about the complete absence of losses among the militiamen. In gratitude to Gd and for the redemption of their souls they bring into the tent of the testimony gold products.

The tribe of Gad and Reuven ask for permission to remain in Transjordan, where there is a vast pasture for their numerous livestock. Initially, Moses denies them, fearing a repetition of sin scouts, but after they have assured the prophet in his firm intention to enter into Eretz Yisroel, to participate actively in the wars with the Canaanites, and only then go back to the east bank of the Jordan, he agrees.

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Chapter Summary "Masey"

Bemidbar (Numbers), 33: 1-36: 13

In the chapter "Masey" lists 42 points, where the people of Israel settled pitched during the wanderings in the desert after the Exodus and before the last stop in the plains of Moab near the Jordan River opposite the land of Canaan.

Also determined by the boundaries of the Promised Earth, and are appointed by the city as a refuge and hiding place of exile for committing manslaughter.

Mentioned earlier Tslafhada daughters marry men of their own tribe of Manasseh, in order to put their father's moved on to other tribes.

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