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Chapter Summary "Vayeleh"

Dvarim (Deuteronomy), 31: 1-30

Chapter "Vayeleh" ( "And he went ...") describes the events of the last days of earthly life of Moshe. "One hundred and twenty years to me today," - he said to the people - "and I can no longer go out and come ..." Moses does Joshua as his successor, writes (or completes the record) in the whole of the Torah scroll, which presents the Levites to be stored in the ark Testament.

Given command of general meeting: every seven years, in the first year of the festival of Sukkot cycle Shmita entire Jewish people: men, women and children - were to assemble in the Temple of Jerusalem, where the king was to read to them the Torah.

The chapter concludes with a prediction that Israel would break the covenant of the Most High, because of what Gd will hide His face from them, but that their descendants finally Torah will not be forgotten ever.