Time went, and fled. Genesis ... But the most important thing.

"It is not good that man should be alone ..." Without God. And female he created to help elevate spiritually closer to God. No, it is not a tool - tools in spiritual matters does not happen. And the last is created by it - all that later - perfect. But the high spirituality, to enter into the world, need help - she herself will be somewhere around. And it is the task of man - to find the treasure and find the keys to it.

Primitive understanding עזר כנגדו (assistant that contrary) as a domestic worker, has caused tremendous harm to the Jewish people, and continues to inflict. Of course, there is a material world, and each of the spouses to overcome difficulties and helps them overcome their pair. But is not the point. The essence of spiritual development.

And it said Rabbi Hillel Tsaytlin, the greatest Jewish thinker of our time.

"Said the Holy One, blessed be He, a woman:" Be ever-present shadow on the right side of the man - his soul, Divinity, descended to him on the ground. And you will see a man in a display of beauty crown, pleasantness, softness, grace, inspiration and hope. And you will see a man - and your image will always accompany him, and he will reach for a life in the spiritual world all the time, while he was on earth. And you will see a man - and you will become for him reflection and echo of the splendor of the spiritual worlds. And you will see a man - a symbol of life and become a source for him on the ground, who gives breath to all living creatures, children - in their nostrils. And you will see a man - and you will become in his eyes a symbol of freedom, a symbol of the eternal pursuit of something sublime, a symbol of creativity and ongoing search. And you will devote a man to achieve wisdom, song, music and poetry.

And you will see a man drowning in the failures, troubles, the daily worries and concerns - and come upon you glimpse the supreme beauty and mercy, and find grace in his eyes, and he will forget their hardships and difficulties. And you see a man drowning in sin and transgression, dropped to forty-nine levels of impurity, - and come upon you the radiance of spiritual light, and lift up a man from the sewage, and have brought it to light by the light of life. "

And he said, the Holy One, blessed be He: "If a man does not want to see you, the beauty of your soul, but only your physical shell - and turn to him in the curse. Will seek intimacy of your - and can not find. And istleet his heart and flesh. And break his spirit ... "

Rabbi Hillel Tsaytlin. Rabbi Zeev Meshkov