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Chapter Summary "Genesis"

Genesis (Genesis), 1: 1 - 6: 8

At the beginning of the first chapter of the Torah describes the creation Gd of the universe in six days. On the first day He created light and darkness. On the second day he he creates the firmament that separates the "upper waters" from the "lower waters." On the third day, the land rises above the waters and the land at the behest Over produces green grass and trees. On the fourth day the Creator establishes the location of the sun, moon and stars, and gives them the function serve as benchmarks for the countdown and luminaries. On the fifth day He created birds and fish. On the sixth day - land animals and man. On the seventh day Gd ceases work of creation, and sanctifies it as a day of rest.

God created man from the dust of the earth, Gd breathes into him "a living soul." Originally created man as a single being, the Creator declares that "not good that man should be alone," and separated from it by one side, forms it into a woman, and then reunites their union of marriage.

Adam and Eve are placed in Gan Eden (Garden of Eden), to give the commandment not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The serpent tempts Eve to violate the ban, and that then gives the fruit of the forbidden tree, and also to her husband. As a result, the man of sin is deprived of immortality and expelled from Gan Eden.

Hava gives birth to two sons, Cain and Abel. Quarreled with Abel, Cain kills his brother, and as a punishment condemned to eternal wandering.

Adam was born the third son, Seth, whose descendant in the tenth generation of the name Noah is the only righteous man in a world of debauchery.